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What, Why and How to Register an Alabama DBA

Ready to file a DBA and bring your great idea to life? Use this free step-by-step guide.

However, if you want professionals to file a DBA for you, the two most popular services are LegalZoom ($99 + state fee) and Rocket Lawyer ($99 + state fee).

What is an Alabama DBA?

DBA, also known as “Doing Business As Name” or “Assumed Business Name” is a filing process in the US that reveals the owner of a company to the public. It protects the rights of consumers as the names and identity of business owners are made known so dishonesty is avoided.

If you file a an Alabama DBA, your name and business will be revealed in local newspapers, so that the public will know your company and who owns it.


Why File an Alabama DBA?


How to Form a DBA in Alabama

Starting a DBA in Alabama is fairly straightforward. Let’s go through the entire process to give you a better idea of how it is done. However if you want professionals to handle the process and paperwork for you, look into a filing service who can handle the process for you.

Every state has unique rules when it comes to filing a DBA, however in the state of Alabama filing of fictitious name is not required. If you’re operating under LLC or Corporation, you need to reserve the DBA name of your choice before the Alabama Secretary of State.

Quick Note: In Alabama, you need to renew your DBA every 10 years and you may need additional fees for renewal. If you fail to renew the DBA, another company may reserve and use the name.

Before you can file an Alabama DBA, the DBA must not be used by another business. The fee for reservation is $10. You can reserve the name in two easy ways: either you make a phone call to the Corporations Call Center for instructions at 334-242-5324 or download the application form, fill it out correctly and fax to 334-240-3138 or mail it to the address below:

Alabama Secretary of State

State Capitol Corporations Division

PO Box 5616

Montgomery, AL 36103-5616

Within the reservation form, you need to fill-out the necessary information:

Need Help Filing Your DBA?

Have an online filing service take care of the entire DBA filing process for you. All you have to do is answer a few questions about your business and they take care of the paperwork.

LegalZoom (for $99) or Rocket Lawyer (for $99)

This article is an informational guide and as such should only be used as a reference when filing an AL DBA, and it should not be used as a legal advice. Your lawyer is still the best person to talk to if you want more details on the legalities of filing a ‘Doing Business As’ in Alabama or bringing a business idea to life in general.

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