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West Virginia Registered Agent: Everything You Need to Know

Choose a Registered AgentTo operate your West Virginia small business, you have to designate and maintain a registered agent upon registration. This is a mandatory requirement that you should not neglect. The main responsibility of your West Virginia Registered Agent is to receive and accept service of process notices and legal documents in behalf of your business.

Your West Virginia Registered Agent plays a big part in smooth business operations and even the overall success of your venture. Knowing that they serve a great purpose, you have to appoint someone who’s competent and trustworthy. To be able to hire the right agent, you need to know their complete job description.

A West Virginia Registered Agent can be an individual or a business authorized to do business in the state. Your agent will act as third party representative who will receive and accept important documents and paperwork. Other responsibilities include organizing documents, forwarding and notifying you of anything that needs attention.

To help you even further, this article will discuss the requirements that you have to look into when appointing an agent. It will also cover the benefits of having one. I hope this article will be of use to you!


West Virginia Registered Agent Requirements

File Annual Reports & Publication RequirementsA West Virginia Registered Agent’s job include the following: accepting, sifting and prioritizing legal documents and paperwork. Some of the documents that they will receive and handle include service of process notices, state correspondence documents, lawsuit notices and other similar documents.

In West Virginia, you need to consider three basic requirements when designating a registered agent. If you fail to take these requirements into consideration, you might face negative consequences. Pay attention when hiring an agent to avoid any state problems.

1) Must be a resident or an authorized business entity in West Virginia,

2) Must have a physical street address in the state of West Virginia,

3) Must accept the responsibility as your agent and must be available during business days from Mondays through Fridays, from 9am to 5pm.

Aside from these basic requirements set by the state, you can also add your own standards when hiring.


5 Reasons To Have A West Virginia Registered Agent

1) Protection of Your Privacy and Business Reputation

Your business reputation is highly important. Without it, you will never succeed in the industry. One of the most feared documents for entrepreneurs is the service of process notice which is delivered by local law enforcements.

Imagine not having a registered agent and acting as your own agent. All documents are delivered directly to establishment’s address. It will not only invade your privacy as an individual it can also cost you your credibility. Having police in your business will disrupt your operations, create a negative connotation among customers and affect the morale of your employees.

Before you operate your business, make sure that you appoint a West Virginia Registered Agent to avoid this kind of trouble.

2) Long Term Representation

This is one of the primary purposes why you need to have an agent for your business. Your registered agent will provide you with his service until you continue to hire his services. Unlike a regular company employee, your registered agent will not disappear in an instant without notice.

They won’t file for a vacation leave or a sick leave abruptly. You can be assured that your agent will be there to receive and take care of mails and documents for you.

3) Prompt Notification of Pertinent Documents

There are certain documents that need immediate attention. And to be able to address them properly, you need to be notified promptly. The only way that you won’t miss out on pertinent documents is if you have West Virginia Registered Agent.

Once your agent receives documents and mails, he will be responsible in sifting through them. Categorizing whether or not they’re important or not. If an important legal document comes up, he will forward it right away to you.

4) Flexibility in Your Work Hours

For some business owners who act as their own agent, they always feel like they can’t take a break or go on vacations or business trips because they’ll be leaving a responsibility behind. However, it shouldn’t be this way as long as you hire a registered agent.

Instead of you receiving your documents, you will have someone to rely on. You can take a break or go on business trips if you want because you’ll feel assured knowing that an agent is there to receive documents on your behalf.

5) Maintenance and Compliance of Business Requirements

Unknown to many entrepreneurs, a registered agent can also help you comply with state requirements and reports. This is within their scope of responsibility which means that you can ask them for help any time.

They can assist you with getting business licenses or renewing them, complying with state taxes, completing documents and other transactions. They can basically help you with anything.


How To Find a Reliable Registered Agent in West Virginia

Get a Registered AgentIn West Virginia alone, there are numerous registered agent services and professionals who will offer you the service that it can be quite difficult to choose. To get the best agent, you have to screen every applicant or candidate comprehensively.

Make sure to set specific standards that you want and don’t forget the three basic requirements. Screen every candidate according to credentials, characteristics, work history, client feedback and reviews. After that shortlist some professionals/companies whom you want to work with and select from that list. This is the only way to find a reliable registered agent for your West Virginia small business. Good luck my friend!

Get a Reliable Registered Agent

Both services will act as your Registered Agent and handle all legal notifications from the state on your behalf.

IncFile (for $99) or LegalZoom (for $159)

Please note that this article was made for informational purposes. It should not be considered a legal advice or legal document. For specific queries about appointing a West Virginia Registered Agent, seek for professional advice from your lawyer.

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