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Your Vermont Startup Toolkit: 5 Solid Resources

Startup Tools and Resources

If you’re planning to build a business in Vermont, you have to know by now how challenging of a task it is. You’ll carry a lot of responsibilities on your shoulder and it will demand so many things from you. Not to mention, you need to have the financial resources to back you up.

Apart from the time and effort that it needs, every step of the startup process needs money. Every document, transaction, government related processes and other legal procedures will incur cost. Prolonging or postponing the launch of your Vermont small business won’t help because it will only increase startup costs.

There’s one way to solve your financial woes – that is, if you take advantage of free and affordable resources which are readily available for use! If you’re ready to become a savvy entrepreneur, it’s time that you get started on your own Vermont startup toolkit.


1) Business Plan Software

Write a Business PlanThanks to the emergence of modern and intuitive business plan softwares, writing a solid and professional business plan for your Vermont small business is now made easy.

A business plan can help you as you go through the process of building your business. You can present it to business partners and investors and other professionals to prove how viable your business is. A business plan software will assist you by providing you with practical features and services and report analysis tools.


LivePlan is a credible business planning tool trusted by thousands of entrepreneurs. It has one of the best tools and features to help you jumpstart your business plan. With many templates and sample plans, you will be able to develop an effective game plan for your Vermont small business. For an affordable price of $11.66 every month, you will be able to use LivePlan’s basic package.


If you’re looking for an ever affordable alternative, another excellent business plan software that I highly recommend is StratPad. StratPad is one tool that you will surely find useful. It will not only assist you in writing a business plan, it will also help you in creating financial projections and statements.

Other features that the business plan software offers include a downloadable business kit, video and text tutorials, workshops and webinars. Its monthly plan starts at $8.25 every month.


2) Online Incorporation

LLC IncorporationAn online incorporation service provides you an easier way to register your business before the Vermont Secretary of State.

Incorporation can be quite challenging and to make the process easier and quicker, online incorporation providers offer the most competitive plans to ease your workload. Along with this service, they also have registered agent services as well.


IncFile is an online incorporation provider that mixes quality service and affordable package prices to give you the best of both worlds. You can talk to an expert incorporation specialist if you want and be part of the entire process. IncFile’s basic plan starts at $49.


BizFilings follows a simple approach in online incorporation. With BizFilings, every process is easy to understand and straightforward. The online incorporation provider will make sure that your incorporation is done efficiently and accurately at an affordable package plan of $99.


3) Build a Business Website

How to Incorporate a Business OnlineA business website is essential to run a business successfully these days. Overall, a business website improves your branding and allows you to market your Vermont small business better.

If you want to reach a wider market, you have to build a functional and professional website as soon as possible. Good thing, there are many web building tools that you can use that does not require technical expertise.


Bluehost is an excellent web hosting software that features a one-click WordPress installation tool that will help you create a professional and customized website for your Vermont startup. Bluehost is one of the most modern softwares in the market while being the most user-friendly. You can use Bluehost for $71.40 every year.


4) Small Business Accounting Software

Manage Your Business FinancesFinancial management is one of the most difficult aspects of business that you have to focus your energy on. Accounting and bookkeeping doesn’t have to be stressful because there are small business accounting softwares that you can use for your Vermont small business.

Everything is automated, allowing you to keep track of your finances and transactions better. Below are some highly recommended tools.


FreshBooks is a web-based software that provides you numerous tools and features to automate your accounting tasks. Some of its features worth mentioning include: an expense tracking, time tracking and expense generation tool. FreshBooks also has a daily dashboard where you can find almost everything.

The software is easy to use, you don’t need an accounting background to use it. Use FreshBooks now for an affordable price of $9.95 per month.

Wave Accounting

Wave Accounting is another excellent accounting software that you have to try. It offers the simplest method in accounting and bookkeeping. Wave Accounting has features which include unlimited expense tracking, multi-currency support, automated balance sheets and tax report generation, unlimited invoicing and more. The best thing about the software? It’s completely free!


5) Startup Savant’s Free Resources

With Startup Savant’s mission to simplify entrepreneurship for you, we have compiled a list of free startup guides that you can use for your Vermont small business.

Some of the guides that we provide include articles on selecting a business entity, finding the right registered agent, filing your DBA, obtaining business licenses and permits and a lot more. You can check out our site for more about these guides.


Wrapping Up and Staying Frugal

When starting a business in Vermont you have to save as much money as possible and stay frugal. Running out of funds is the last thing that you should worry about so you have to use resources that will help you build your business faster, plan activities and prepare every procedure ahead of time to save time, energy and money.

Although building a business in Vermont is challenging, if you take advantage of the resources mentioned in this toolkit, without a doubt you will make it far in the state. Set-up your new business now using this Vermont business toolkit!

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