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Your Utah Startup Toolkit: 6 Solid Resources

Startup Tools and Resources

Utah is one of the best states where you can build your dream of starting a business and be your own boss. However, the chances of success or failure do not relay at this state’s business climate and the assistance programs they provide, but more on how you will go about the startup process yourself.

If you want to be included on the percentage of successful startups, then it’s good to become a practical entrepreneur, one who is savvy enough to recognize that there are numerous startup tools and resources that can be skillfully used to your best advantage.

To get you started, here is a resource roundup of the most helpful entrepreneur startup toolkit for Utah entrepreneurs!


1) Business Plan Software

Write a Business PlanOne of the most valuable documents that your startup needs is a business plan. With this, you are able to set achievable business goals and map out a solid plan of action to achieve it.

Now, most entrepreneurs, especially newbies, would be in a tight bind because of the challenge of writing a business plan. But with the help of a business plan software, this task can be accomplished successfully.


When it comes to the most popular business plan applications, LivePlan is at the top of the list and with good reason. LivePlan makes business plan writing easier with the help of video tutorials and instructional guides. This way, you can come up with a solid business plan for whatever purpose it may serve.

Business Plan Pro

Business Plan Pro provides comprehensive business plan writing assistance tools and resources to accomplish this task more efficiently. This business plan software package includes a number of tools like a video planning course and e-books on how to go about business planning in general. Included in the package also are templates and wizards to make the business plan writing task easier.


2) Online Incorporation

LLC IncorporationOnline incorporation services have been steadily growing in popularity because of the efficiency and cost savings it affords.

In addition, there are many reputable online incorporation companies that guarantee client satisfaction and have a reputation of helping businesses incorporate and comply with compliance requirements.


If you’re looking for a budget-friendly incorporation service provider that does the job as efficiently and effectively as other expensive service providers, MyCorporation is the answer.

MyCorporation’s basic incorporation package only costs $69. For this fee, you also have continuous help through MaintainMyBiz, a business tool that guides you through successfully operating a business.

Direct Incorporation

Another great option for online incorporation is Direct Incorporation. Its basic incorporation package starts at $139. Although the fee is a bit higher than other online incorporation service companies, they feature a Business Compliance Program for your business’ lifetime. Plus, you also get access to the Client Resource Center where resources and information about managing a business.


3) Build a Business Website

How to Incorporate a Business OnlineBuild a business website as if your business’ entire existence depends on it. No matter how small your business is, whether you’re offering goods or services, a website’s importance shouldn’t be disregarded.

Budget isn’t even an issue anymore because there are tons of web hosting companies that allow you to create a beautiful, professional website without the complicated technical expertise involved.


Bluehost is a web hosting company, one of the industry leaders in fact, that helps you create a professional business website using WordPress. Bluehost has a one-click WordPress installation feature that can be conveniently used to begin this task.

It has a user-friendly dashboard so that you can easily accomplish the business of creating a business plan even if you do not have the technical expertise of a web designer.


4) Small Business Accounting Software

Manage Your Business FinancesOne of the most time consuming and repetitive tasks in running a business is the bookkeeping and accounting tasks.

These are all crucial to help you comply with business tax obligations, so it is not something that you must ignore as well. With the emergence of small business accounting software, you can perform this task sans the time consuming process.


FreshBooks is that extremely easy-to-use business accounting software that’s specifically designed for non-accountants and non-bookkeepers. This business application makes everything easier from tracking expenses to sending invoices to generating reports. What’s more, it offers flexible service packages that start at $9.95.

Wave Accounting

If you run a small business with employees numbering less than nine, Wave Accounting is a great option. Specifically built for really small businesses, Wave Accounting features a plethora of tools such as unlimited expense tracking, multi-currency feature, bill and invoice reminders, automated report generation, unlimited invoicing and more.


5) Startup Savant’s Free Resources

Startup Savant is one with every small business entrepreneur who wants to achieve financial freedom by way of investing in their own venture.

For this reason, we have come up with comprehensive resources on how to help the novice entrepreneur become business savvy and practical. We do this by offering tons of how-to guides, self-help articles and resource guides that will help in every facet of the startup task. We also include motivational articles that help you keep business goals in check and accomplish it.


6) Utah Startup Assistance Resources

Aside from general resources to starting a business, there are also a plethora of startup assistance resources concentrated on Utah businesses and sole proprietors.

These resources are tailored to fit the needs of a Utah novice entrepreneur and are usually focused on issues that affect a Utah entrepreneur. In fact, Startup Savant also features state-specific startup guides and resources for Utah. You can look this up in the Utah Startup Assistance Resource guide.


Wrapping Up and Staying Frugal

Starting a Utah business is doable, but starting a Utah business while maximizing your time to complete tasks efficiently and doing it without expending or even exceeding your budget are what matters. If you’re a savvy entrepreneur, then this shouldn’t be much of a feat. Start with the startup toolkit above to begin the process to achieving financial freedom now!

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