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ThomasNet Review: Finding The Right Supplier

ThomasNet is widely regarded as the first choice to connecting entrepreneurs with the right company. Whether you’re looking for a private label company for your supplement line or a co-packer for your toothpaste business, you will find them on there.

Instead of browsing through huge catalogs, just type what you need and search for it in the database. Think of ThomasNet like the Google of sourcing and all on one website. All you do is tell the search bar what you are looking for, make specifications based on location and industry, and BAM.

You’re presented with a list of companies you could potentially work with.

Pricing And Summary:

The best part about ThomasNet is that it’s available for freeThomasNet is an online compilation of the “Thomas Registry” that was the foundation of managing a database of industrial suppliers, distributers as well as manufacturers.

ThomasNet also gives you access to unlimited resources to refine your search. This is a great tool to make sure that you find the right suppliers or company to work with.

really stress that you do plenty of digging on each company before you work with them. For example: Say I find a company that looks like they would be a perfect fit for what I’m looking to do with my startup business.

I’d recommend you do three simple things to help you decide if they are the real deal:

-In a google search, type in: “company name” scam (If nothing comes up, that’s one!)

-Check out their website. If hardly any content is up or contact information is hard to find, keep moving. We live in the internet age, companies should get with it. They know that their potential partners are looking to work with professionals. When they don’t have a professional business website or anything at all, it’s just plain sketchy.

-Trust your gut. If you are a little uneasy with a company, just walk away. There are plenty of other options.

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