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7 Techniques to Improve Content Writing Skills

7 Techniques to Improve Content Writing SkillsIt doesn’t matter whether you use infographics, videos, photos, graphs, or any other type of materials to add flare to your content; you are mostly counting on words as the main means that connects you with the readers. If you don’t get that part write, it will be impossible for you to achieve success as a blogger, freelance writer, or content marketer.

Try researching a particular topic online and you’ll come to a devastating conclusion: most of the articles you run into will be poorly written. Everyone tries to be a writer nowadays. This is how you can turn that fact to your advantage: when a reader locates a great blog, he decides to stick with that reliable resource.

Now is your time to attract more regular readers by publishing superb content! These 7 techniques will help you improve your writing skills.


1) Focus on spelling, grammar, and syntax

It doesn’t matter whether you prefer conversational or advanced style; your readers won’t respect you if you write mediocre content full of flaws. If you are looking for the most important technique that will boost the quality of your articles, this is the one: start with the foundations of your language.

When you start writing strong, convincing sentences, you’ll instantly gain more authority.


2) Try impulsive writing

When you write for living, this activity can easily turn into a habit that will numb the enthusiasm you used to feel. Impulsive writing may be the solution. Allow yourself the luxury of neglecting your schedule for a day (of course, you shouldn’t choose the moment when you’re expected to submit an especially important project). Observe your feelings. Watch the news and get frustrated about the twisted reality.

Dig deep and turn all emotions into text. Write whatever comes to your mind. Don’t feel obliged to publish this anywhere; it’s just an exercise that serves to remind you why you love writing in the first place.


3) Master other skills

Writing cannot be your only interest. You need something to write about, don’t you? All successful writers need to explore different niches until they find their calling. Do you like cooking? Maybe you’re interested in medicine, society, psychology, or parenting? Become an expert! If you have various interests, you don’t have to pick a single one.

You can develop multiple “mini skills” that will make you a more versed author. However, you should make sure to surpass the limits of superficial, mainstream knowledge in the niches you explore.


4) Use online tools!

Content writers need to rely on technology in order to achieve their full potential. Start exploring these 5 tools and you’ll notice a dramatic improvement in your productiveness:


5) Discover your unique voice

Online content writers often copy or paraphrase content we’ve all seen before. Fortunately, that’s not the strategy that brings more readers your way. A true writer never copies someone else. You surely have your individual style, strong opinions and distinct personality. Express them! Find your voice, and your readers will soon start recognizing you for it.

Now you might wonder: how do you discover your voice? That’s a fair question, and there’s only one answer to it: practice! Think, feel, and write! You won’t even notice how your style is starting to take its true form.


6) Research, research, research!

This stage never stops. You’re lucky, since it’s the most awesome part of your work. You get to learn new things every day, and not many people have a chance to commit to self-development. Research is not an activity you do before you start writing a particular article.

You should constantly discover new things and take notes of all ideas you get. Your creative mind never stops working. Use its entire potential and feed it with more information!


7) Get rid of the fillers!

You tend to write long posts that restate the same arguments over and over again? You need to make a change! If you can prove a point in 200 words, don’t aim for 1000! Your readers don’t like wasting their time; they want to get the information they need as quickly and as clearly as possible.

Julie Petersen is a writer, a private English language tutor and a blogger, who features the latest copywriting and marketing trends in her articles. At present time she is running her educational blog and working on her first ebook dedicated to online learning. You may contact Julie via Linkedin.

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