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SunDoc Filings Review: Is It Right For You?

SunDoc Filings Review

Welcome to our SunDoc Filings Review where we look at their platform, pricing, their best features and more to help you decide if they’re a partner you need when it comes to the incorporation process and beyond. First, a quick breakdown,

SunDoc Filings has been in business since 1999. As a public record filing and retrieval service provider, they cater to both professional companies and entrepreneurs looking to incorporate specifically in California, but also nationwide.”

Another quick point regarding this SunDoc Filings review. Typically we embed screenshots and images to compliment the information, but frankly, their website is pretty outdated and VERY text-heavy. Do they have all the information you need or could need to better understand what they do? Absolutely, but it’s not well-formatted and there are essentially no example images, packaging graphs, or aesthetics whatsoever to break apart the walls of text.

Just an FYI. That said, let’s dive in.


What you need to know about SunDoc Filings

SunDoc Filings is an excellent option for incorporating a business. However, you should know about some of its pros and cons to determine whether this service company is the right option for you.

Our favorite features

three considerations


SunDoc Filings Pricing

As far as the SunDoc Filings website, there are no pricing packages indicated for incorporation services. However, you can request for the available filing package by contacting their customer support team.

SunDoc features a Peace of Mind Guarantee with three available options. If you’re not contented with the service SunDoc has rendered, you can contact them so they can immediately correct the issue, give you a refund, or provide you with credit for any future order. The refund can only be provided if it is established that SunDoc is at fault.


Is SunDoc Filings Right For You?

At the end of the day, what matters is choosing the right service company that fits your specific business requirements. Check whether SunDoc is for you or not.

Who Should Use SunDoc?

Who Should NOT Use SunDoc?

Final Verdict?

If this is really floating your boat and you would like to have a look for yourself, then by all means hop on over to

Now, a second option to consider that’s less expensive, has far more to offer in our opinion, and a much more polished website is IncFile. We used them to open Startup Savant’s doors and still work with their team today. Here, have a look at what they include in all of their packages.

IncFile Or SunDoc Filings

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