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StudioPress Website Builder Review

Is It Worth Investing In?

StudioPress ReviewDo you need a business website, specifically a WordPress site, but aren’t sure how to go about it? With so many options revolving around WordPress which comprises roughly 30% of the internet…StudioPress has become a quality option for entrepreneurs without in-house designers/developers.

In this StudioPress website builder review, we’ll get into the pros and cons, pricing, features, customer reviews and more. When we’re through, you’ll know whether they’re the best choice to build your website for business, or if you need to check out the competition. Enjoy!

StudioPress Pros & Cons


  1. Their approach to SEO is truly next-level, with the kind of seamless integration that every future business should have. Meaning, your site has baked into it valuable SEO functionalities that make this part of online business so much easier for the less tech-savvy. Finally!

  2. All StudioPress sites include basic SSL security certificates at no extra charge so there’s at least some security. Most other business website builders consider security an upsell.

  3. Customer support is another one of their big strengths. Their service department is staffed by WordPress professionals, making StudioPress a great option for people who need a little coaching.

  4. If you’re unsure which of their plans best suits you, they have a tool (pictured below) that presents 10 common types of people — from bloggers to eCommerce professionals — that use their services. Each includes short breakdowns of why customers would prefer their Content or Commerce package.

  5. StudioPress is powered by WordPress, but they use the popular Genesis theme framework to build upon. As Joe Fylan puts it, “The StudioPress team likes to describe WordPress as the engine of your car, Genesis as the frame and body, and the StudioPress child themes as the paint job.

  6. In an independent speed test, StudioPress was awarded the “Fastest WordPress Hosting” of 2017. Considering how many WordPress hosting services are out there, that’s impressive!

  7. While StudioPress doesn’t custom design sites for their users, they do have a huge variety of both freelance designers as well as Genesis-savvy agencies who they can connect you to.


  1. For some reason, it’s difficult to find any customer reviews for StudioPress. If you find any please let us know because we were unable, aside from testimonials on the StudioPress website.

  2. They have some branding issues, but don’t get confused – StudioPress and Genesis and Rainmaker Digital (formerly Copyblogger) are owned by the same company. WordPress is completely separate!

  3. As a large website builder platform — like all others — they suffer from the occasional bugs, and there’s less “freedom” than you get with a self-hosted WordPress site.

StudioPress Pricing & Features

With StudioPress, you get two straightforward options for your business website builder service: Content and Commerce. Here’s a screenshot of how they’ve broken it down:

StudioPress Pricing & Features


The Content Package

Powerful personal or small business websites focused more on the agency and blogger angles, almost expressly focused on content marketing vs. selling products, along with membership-based sites. Here’s a few of the benefits, or features they’ve packed into each site regardless of which of their mobile-optimized themes you choose.

  • While somewhat confusing, the StudioPress has become an industry standard for WordPress hosting services similar to names like WP Engine, Flywheel, etc.
  • Like SquareSpace or Wix, you can install any of their many plug-ins with a single click without all the coding hassle of open-source-style.
  • The Content Optimizer is included, which simply put, helps you optimize your copy, blogs, articles, etc., to be more pleasing to both readers and search engines alike. This leads to more customers and revenue for your business.
  • Because it’s not self-hosted, and they have won awards, your site will perform much better than through mega-hosters or something you would commonly get DIY-style.


The Commerce Package

Once you begin selling products – whether digital or physical – or monetizing through subscriptions or forums, the Commerce package is waiting. You’re going to get all the base StudioPress features and benefits, with a suite of features specifically for ecommerce.

  • Lightweight: Coding for stores can get heavy in a heartbeat because of customization, specs, SEO, variants, and what if you have 200 distinct product pages? StudioPress lightens the load for faster performance and less tech problems.
  • Mobile Stores: Their Commerce-based themes are not just mobile-responsive, but intuitive and beautiful, but frankly there’s not as much wow-factor as with providers like SquareSpace or Shopify.
  • Support: For ecommerce, support is oftentimes critical regardless of the platform you choose (or self-host). Along with top notch personalized customer service, there are tons of great tutorial videos, a forum, etc.

Point is, if you’re going to operate an online store, Commerce is definitely the choice for you. Again, if you’re unsure which package is ideal you can use their handy plan-picker tool to flesh out the details. Here’s a screenshot showing their recommendations for ideal Commerce package users.

StudioPress Features

StudioPress Customer Reviews

After searching extensively for customer reviews under both of their operating names (StudioPress & Genesis), we failed to turn up any. There is some customer feedback available in the form of testimonials on their website though, like these:

StudioPress Customer Reviews 1

StudioPress Customer Reviews 2

Do we wish there was more feedback available? Sure. It’s a bit odd that with over 200,000 customers, none have written a review of StudioPress to date. On the other hand, it’s a good thing no one’s slinging around criticism either. After all, disappointed customers are the most likely to review a service.

In the end, we’re not swayed too much in either direction by the lack of StudioPress reviews, but if you’re someone who takes customer feedback seriously, you might want to at least look into other options.

How StudioPress Compares

StudioPress ComparisonStudioPress is one of the best business website builders for WordPress because of their functionality and advanced hosting features. However, let’s also check out Wix and Weebly for a more rounded view.


  • Business pricing starts at $14/mo, with ecommerce starting at $17/mo, which is less expensive than StudioPress but with far less comprehensive Content/Commerce features.
  • They have over 500 themes. Not all of them are mobile-friendly, but it’s still many more options than the 20 high-quality (and mobile-ready) template designs offered by StudioPress.
  • Wix includes some value-packed free bonuses with their business website builder. They have the best small business blog in the industry, with year-round daily updates, and their artificial intelligence site layout tool can be super-helpful in picking out design elements and color schemes.


  • While they have a free version (not suitable for business), pricing starts at $8/mo and scales up to the full Performance package at $38/mo. All paid packages include an online store.
  • Unlike StudioPress that’s streamlined their features for specific types of users, Weebly has a mountain of features for online stores, including gift cards, abandoned cart emails and real-time shipping updates. This can be confusing, and overwhelming to a good portion of interested business owners.
  • Weebly makes it easy to experiment with and swap out themes. With StudioPress, this isn’t as much of an option. While you’re more confined into the StudioPress framework (all themes are HTML5 but one), with Weebly you can customize their HTML/CSS.

Which choice is best for your company? That’s a difficult question, because each of these builders has its own unique set of advantages. In general though, StudioPress is a great balance of features and pricing to build a quality WordPress-based business website.


A Note on StudioPress SEO

Build a Business WebsiteSearch Engine Optimization is a huge part of 21st century business, at least for any that are somewhat dependent on search engines for traffic, brand expansion, revenue, etc. Each business website builder platform has their own approach, some better than others – meaning better user-experience and implementation.

Now without giving you a massive SEO-lecture, let’s talk about how StudioPress sets themselves apart and makes it easier to manage this aspect of doing business. The first thing you should know is that their SEO options are arguably better than most common SEO-based plugins on the market today.

KeyWord Research & Content Optimization

Their built-in keyword research tools are handy. No more trying to navigate Google’s free keyword analyzer tools, or any of the other sales-based software out there. Their system actually coaches you to a degree, similar to how Yoast SEO helps basic WordPress site owners.

Light, Mobile-Responsive Code

A huge part of ranking these days revolves around how quickly your site loads and how easy it is for people to use/navigate. Because their coding is so WordPress-savvy, it’s light, streamlined, mobile-responsive and refined. This helps increase SEO across the board.

The Built-In Influencer Outreach Tools

While not utterly outstanding, these built-in tools can help you target relevant authoritative sites and begin establishing relationships. Is it as good as an outreach team? No. But helpful nonetheless.

  • Pricing Starts at

  • 1 million+ users so far

  • Perfect for:
    Anyone looking for easy-to-use, drag-and-drop interface with finest features

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  • Pricing Starts at

  • 200,000+ users so far

  • Perfect for:
    Anyone looking for the best SEO, responsive design & airtight security features

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Easy Is It to Get Set Up?

Simply pick the plan that’s right for you, fill out your contact info, make your purchase, and you’re on your way to building a great WordPress website for business. That said, it depends on what you mean by setup, cause there’s no telling how long it could be until your site is live and you’re in business.

Is There a Free Version?

There is not, although StudioPress does have a 30-day 100% money-back guarantee, so it’s still a risk-free product.

What Extra Features or Perks Are Included?

StudioPress includes some features that the competition makes you pay extra for, like SSL certificates. Also, their SEO capabilities and customer support are tough to top.

Should You Use StudioPress?

StudioPress is certainly a great choice if you need to make a WordPress business website, but we can’t say they’re the absolute best for your needs. StudioPress is safe, reliable, and highly-structured -- but only you can tell if it’s right for you.

To get started with StudioPress, or to take a look at some other options, use the links below.

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