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StratPad Review: What Sets Them Apart?

StratPad ReviewWelcome to our StratPad Review where we’ll take you through their platform, give you a look inside how their system works, and talk a bit about what sets that apart in the business planning software world.  It’s not about who’s the best and worst, but which, well, culture and approach to the process of bookkeeping is better-suited to you and your goals.

Sound good? Thought so, enjoy!

Some StratPad Pros & Cons


  1. They really do spare no expense on their video tutorials, interactive webinars, regular workshops, their downloadable business tool kit,  and all the other helpful resources they provide their community.

  2. StratPad is cloud-based software which means safety, compatibility and the convenience of modern accessibility.

  3. You can create gorgeous financial statements in minutes – just fill in the numbers and their software does the math. All planning software does this but they have their own style. You’ll get an idea through the screenshots below.

  4. Your business plans will look professional, ready to present to investors, lenders, VCs, CrowdFunding platforms, potential partners, etc.

  5. StratPad Connect is a sub-feature that helps you find the most useful tools and resources, but you can discover many yourself through their free (albeit very basic) version by testing and tinkering.

  6. Their approach is an intuitive step-by-step process which has detailed explanations at every turn. This is important, not all software has “tool-tips” to help you make your way around the different functionalities.


  1. On a desktop or decent laptop their website is okay, but not so much when we’re talking about smartphones and smaller devices. They have a lot going on around their Cloud, Connect, and College sections.

  2. Their free version brings a bunch of marketing/advertising pop-ups with it that can be really annoying. And, some customer reviews complain about its low functionality. It’s not the best free version on the market.

  3. Think of their software more as a starting point rather than a comprehensive set of all-in-one tools like you get with providers like Xero, or LivePlan.. Expect to do much more of the work on your own with the software acting as a guide.

How Do They Compare to Others?

StratPad is a bit different. Instead of you using the software to create a conventional funding-ready plan, or static document, it’s meant to be a “pad” where you “strategize” by getting your ideas in order and record them.

StratPad’s designed to get you to dig into how you will accomplish your goal, not just show why they’re profitable. Or, as Esther Schindler from put it, StratPad is, “…a great solution for someone with a clear idea of what to accomplish but who just needs a bit of help with organization and project management.


How Easy is Less Accounting To Use?

If a decent project management program and a business plan construction kit had a baby, it would look and behave just like StratPad. And again, they have TONS of educational content including mini-videos that explain each of their features. In fact, their system is geared more towards education than just getting you to plug in base factoids and print out pretty documents.

You’ll spend more time thinking, tinkering, curating, etc., than inputting cold data. You’ll also be able to sync with QuickBooks online to track your data for all the graphs, charts, and other visuals professional plans are required to have these days. All in all, an easy to use tool you may find exceedingly useful.


A Quick Look Inside StratPad

Okay, let’s take a gander inside their platform so you can see what the dashboard looks like. It’s definitely more complex than some, but that’s not necessarily a negative critique for savvier users. Check it out:

StratPad Review

Slightly old school, but effective once you understand how their information architecture is put together.  Here’s a screenshot showing an example financials forecast so you can see how their presentation of data differs.

LivePlan Example Financials Forecast

Now, along with the primary StratPad dashboard shown in the first screenshot above, there are layers within that to really bring your StratPad business planning to life in their own unique fashion.

StratPad Reviews

What do you think? Were you a fan of software like Excel? TONS of people, believe it or not, prefer this over the more sleek presentations. Let’s move on now into the meat and bones.


StratPad Pricing & Features

StratPad has four simple plans, each paid monthly or annually. However, if you choose to pay the fee monthly it costs a little bit more every month. For example in the Business plan, instead of paying just $8.25/month billed annually for $99, you’ll pay $12.95/month. Below’s their pricing table with snippets on features. Obviously Expert and Leader are the focus.

StratPad Pricing and Features

Keep in mind they have a money back guarantee like LivePlan so it’s risk free to try them out and see if they fit your data-style. But again, beware of their free version because people have had some issues. With LivePlan you get 60-days of trial time to check out their entire platform and all functionality.


Are Other Entrepreneurs Happy?

LivePlan Review and Promo Code

While there aren’t many reviews and testimonials online, what we can tell you is that it’s a good place to start if you’ve never created your own business plan before. Working within their system will teach you a fair amount, not just about planning, but about your business ideas! Should you stick with the free version in the long run? No, most likely not.

You’ll probably get to a point where you either switch to more comprehensive planning software like LivePlan, or upgrade to their premium features which we gently touched on above. From helping you find other professionals to work with, to their pretty presentation styles, StratPad’s worth considering.

You Ready for StradPad-Style Planning?

It really comes down to whether you need guidance and education to help put together an initial plan, or whether you'd like the whole enchilada - comprehensive business planning software. Through the links below you can head to StratPad which is great to begin with, especially their free version, but if you need more juice then definitely check out LivePlan. Cheers!

Visit LivePlan Or Visit StratPad