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StratPad Review: What Sets Them Apart?

StratPad ReviewWelcome to Startup Savant’s StratPad Review where we’ll take you through their platform, give you a look inside how their system works, and talk a bit about what sets that apart from our #1 business planning software LivePlan.  It’s not about who is better or worse, but which, well, culture and approach to the process is better-suited to you and your brand-goals.

Sound good? Thought so, enjoy!


Our Favorite StratPad Features

First and foremost we’d like to point out in this StratPad review that they spare no expense on their video tutorials, interactive webinars, regular workshops, their downloadable business tool kit,  and all the other helpful resources they provide.

It’s really nice!

A Couple Considerations


A Quick Look Inside StratPad

Okay, so you’ve got the gist of core features, let’s take a gander inside their platform so you can see what the dashboard looks like. It’s definitely more complex than LivePlan, but that’s not necessarily a negative critique for savvier users. Check it out:

StratPad Review

Slightly old school, but effective once you understand how their information architecture is put together. To be perfectly honest, for the less savvy or those that want something a bit more modern, LivePlan is going to win the day when it comes to aesthetics.

Here’s a screenshot showing an example financials forecast so you can see how their presentation of data differs.

LivePlan Example Financials Forecast

Now, along with the primary StratPad dashboard shown in the first screenshot above, there are layers within that really bring your StratPad business planning to life in their own unique fashion.

StratPad Reviews

What do you think? Were you a fan of software like Excel? TONS of people, believe it or not, prefer this over the more sleek presentations. Let’s move on now into the meat and bones.


StratPad Pricing & Features

StratPad has four simple plans, each paid monthly or annually. However, if you choose to pay the fee monthly it costs a little bit more every month. For example in the Business plan, instead of paying just $8.25/month billed annually for $99, you’ll pay $12.95/month. Below’s their pricing table with snippets on features. Obviously Expert and Leader are the focus.

StratPad Pricing and Features

Keep in mind they have a money back guarantee like LivePlan so it’s risk free to try them out and see if they fit your data-style. But again, beware of their free version because people have had some issues. With LivePlan you get 60-days of trial time to check out their entire platform and all functionality.


Ready To Take the Leap and Start Planning?

LivePlan Review and Promo CodeStratPad has great business planning software there’s no doubt, with gauntlets of features and benefits. But they’re not for everyone because of their older-style website.

The perfect alternative is LivePlan, not because they’re better (although they are our #1 pick), but because you may prefer the way their software is put together. What matters is you make your move, leverage the power of professional business planning, and thrive. Cheers, thanks for reading our StratPad Review!

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