Strategyzer Alternatives: 3 You Need to See

Online Incorporation AlternativesIn this article you’ll be introduced to Strategyzer alternatives that are both time-tested/proven and much more focused on actual business planning vs modeling. What’s the difference?

Good question! Basically the big difference is that business plans are designed to be shared; to attract potential investors, lenders, stakeholders, and like-minded team members. Business models are typically internal or used privately by management alone. Let’s begin.


$11.66 to $19.95/month

In terms of pricing, value, and features – LivePlan is the best business plan software (in our opinion) used by over 375,000 entrepreneurs. For $11.66/month, you get an intuative user-friendly doorway to presentation-ready plans that look and feel like what you see in the screenshot below. This is what’s called the Pitch Page within your dashboard.

  • Their step-by-step process is streamlined, fabulous for beginners and advanced planners looking to simplify/focus.
  • You’ll get access to hundreds of user-submitted (proven/tested/used vs cookie cutter) example plans to inspire you, give you ideas, and help you every step of the way beyond foundational design.
  • Easily import data from popular accounting software like Xero and Quickbooks and enjoy truly laser-focused financials.

Truly, that’s only a smidgen of what LivePlan offers but we didn’t want to overload you with dense info and 20 screenshots. What’s important is you seize this momentum and truly begin leveraging the power of software that helps every facet of your platform optimize, prioritize, and make your life more productive.


Business Plan Pro
$99.95 to $159.95

Now, as for Business Plan Pro, they’re easily the most experienced of out Strategyzer alternatives. the software itself’s been around over a decade, but was created by a company that’s been working with entrepreneurs and startups for going on four decades. It also has the most complexity and depth, which is why it has a somewhat higher price tag.

  • Provides instructional materials and step-by-step guides so you breeze through the initial process then refine in a structure way.
  • Financial plans are easier to make because Business Plan Pro gives you an easy-to-use financial framework.
  • There’s webinars, workshops, video tutorials and all manner of planning extravaganza so this part of your business is squared away.

Business Plan Pro’s most affordable package is $99.95, but if you’re looking for a comprehensive one-stop-shop kind of planning software this just might have your name written all over it.

Pricing Varies

iPlanner = essence of SIMPLE business plan software. Although it’s a relatively new tool without the massive amounts of functionality as other providers, iPlanner doesn’t disappoint those that gravitate to their style of data-presentation. iPlanner’s most affordable plan is $24 (per 3 months), and here’s a peak at what your dashboard, or financial plan looks and feels like.

  • Their templates are exceedingly user-friendly so it’s easy to jump in and organize your ideas.
  • Provides an extensive/searchable learning library that with list upon list of resources like article, guides, tutorials, etc.
  • iPlanner has a streamlined auto-calculation tool so you won’t need to do any math – just data entry.

Another neat (and unique feature among these Strategyzer alternatives) is that you’ll get unique network access to help ensure project data is safe and secured.

Ready To Write An Awesome Business Plan?

Winner - Which Should You ChooseAnd there you have it, Strategyzer alternatives worthy of some investigation for sure. Here’s to a better-planned, more strategic and growth-fueled year ahead for us all. It’s a great time to be an entrepreneur!

At the end of the day, LivePlan is our top pick due to the features, ease of use and pricing it offers new entrepreneurs. Feel free to grab your 25% off discount and try it for 60 days risk free. If you don’t like it as much as we do, simply ask for a refund.