Body Language is a Business Skill with Rachel Cossar of Virtual Sapiens


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#16: Rachel Cossar joins Annaka and Ethan to share her story founding Virtual Sapiens, an AI-based platform that serves as a communication coach working to help us better engage with others digitally using body posture and nonverbal cues. Rachel discusses scaling, funding, and how she used her skills as a professional dancer to create Virtual Sapiens.

Rachel Cossar is the CEO and founder of Virtual Sapiens, a SaaS platform that serves as a communication coach helping customers better use nonverbal communication techniques. Rachel previously worked as a professional rhythmic gymnast before becoming a professional dancer. While working as a ballerina, Rachel sustained an injury that forced her to give up dancing and find a new path. She later used the skills she learned as an athlete and dancer to create Virtual Sapiens.

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Podcast Episode Notes

From athlete to business owner, how Rachel found her current path [2:10]

Wielding the power of physicality to promote communication [3:48]

Implementing AI technology to scale and maintain quality over a virtual format [8:00]

Changing the model of coaching “we’ll come to you!” [10:32]

From a virtual perspective, having good lighting, good posture, and a neat room is important for showing body language and posture [18:00]

Visual cues are important but all types of communication rely on context specific to the conversation [22:11]

How a bad virtual setup can lead to misunderstandings [26:03]

How Rachel moved on from a life-changing injury [30:33]

Rachel’s advice for reinvention — you have to go through the grief and assess what you learned during transitional phases [33:41]

Turbulent times can help guide your future [39:12]

Virtual Sapien’s pre-seed funding round using a SAFE (simple agreement for future equity) [41:28]

Finding a cofounder and creating a business as a nontechnical cofounder [45:38]

Feeling the weight of being a solo entrepreneur — the particular moment Rachel knew she needed to get a cofounder [49:01]

Urgency can be a motivator [51:21]

Scaling the company by using B2B pilots to introduce companies to Virtual Sapiens [52:45]

Tryout Virtual Sapien’s Google Chrome extension Sidekick [54:40]

Entrepreneurship can feel like a lonely road, so be sure to surround yourself with others [57:01]

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