Turning an iPhone Into an AR-Powered Foot Scanner with Artem Semjanow of Neatsy

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#9: Artem Semjanow joins Annaka and Ethan to share his story founding Neatsy, a startup that uses AR technology to help users find the perfect size shoe from the comfort of their own home. Artem discusses the process of finding a business model, fundraising, building partnerships with numerous brands, and the importance of taking time for yourself.

Artem Semjanow is the founder and CEO of Neatsy, a B2B company that helps customers find their ideal shoe size using their smartphone’s camera. Artem previously led a machine learning team at Prisma Labs. This experience along with his background in economics empowered him to create Neatsy and change the future of online footwear retail. 

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Podcast Episode Notes

How flat feet lead Artem and his brother to develop Neatsy [0:30]

The process of trying various business models before ultimately choosing a B2B (business to business) model [5:28]

Neatsy’s first major hurdle — finding tech precise enough to actually measure foot size [9:50]

Entrepreneurship can involve lots of trial and error, and Neatsy had numerous iterations while attempting to measure a shoe when its shape changes once its slipped onto a foot [14:32]

Using the Mom Test to take something that is difficult and complex and turn it into an easy-to-use product for everyone [17:02]

Using Neatsy’s tech to help people identify potential health concerns and track body changes with 3D body measurements [25:08]

Finding ways to stand out from competitors is important. Neatsy keeps your personal data in your phone allowing them to improve data security and get a leg up on competitors [30:55]

Determining pricing for your product or service based on analytics and the value you generate for clients [32:30]

Establishing initial partnerships can be difficult if you don’t find the right people willing to give it a try [37:33]

Finding initial funding can be challenging, and Artem leveraged his personal network to get the initial funds [41:25]

Artem’s biggest surprise — how difficult it can be to get others to buy and invest in your product [44:00]

“Start it and figure it out on the fly,” Artem’s advice to his younger self [48:34]

From an economist to a machine learning engineer and founder, our experiences allow us to further build our skill sets overtime [51:08]

The need to compartmentalize: Work hours are for work, and family hours are for family [57:52]

Do not sacrifice your own freetime. Starting a business is a marathon commitment not a sprint. [1:00:00]

Artem’s advice to entrepreneurs — if your business is growing, you will be inspired. Find something that scales, find product-market fit, and be a hype beast [1:01:36]

Download the Neatsy app to try it yourself [1:03:51]

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