What is an Anti-CRM? With Reuben Swartz of Mimiran


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#18: Reuben Swartz joins Annaka and Ethan to share his story founding Mimiran, the anti-CRM platform for solo consultants who hate sales. Swartz discusses the importance of finding a niche, how you can leverage your target market to advance your product, and the importance of learning from previous mistakes to continue improving.

Reuben Swartz is the founder and CEO of Mimiran, a CRM (customer relationship manager) specifically designed for solo consultants. Reuben worked as a consultant himself and wanted a tool for managing clients. Although these tools were abundant for large enterprises, he could not find a tool that met his needs and was made for a one-man team. So, Reuben built the tool himself and created Mimiran. 

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Podcast Episode Notes

Reuben’s story creating his own business [1:00]

“There's a right tool for the right situation” so you don’t need to compete with the multimillion dollar companies [3:31]

The power of being authentic rather than mimicking other successful companies in the industry. Focus on helping others rather than selling [5:40]

What is a CRM? [8:48]

Reuben’s anti-CRM is a tool entrepreneurs can use to easily track and manage sales and marketing information [12:10]

Situate yourself in the market so that you can dominate a particular niche [18:45]

If there isn’t a tool out there that does it all, create it yourself [22:40]

Narrowing your target audience and listening to their needs will help you create the best solution for the group you serve [32:35]

Build a feedback loop with your customers to drive changes and establish priorities [35:12]

Attempting to balance a new startup while starting a family [36:16]

Pick an easy problem to solve [41:18]

The decision to work as a one-man team [43:01]

Mimiran is a lifestyle business. Reuben’s family is his number one priority and his business is number two. [46:38]

How is Mimiran funded? You don’t need to be a unicorn business to find success and be happy [46:48]

The danger of prioritizing money and prestige rather than finding joy in the work you do [48:43]

Stop selling and focus on connecting and solving problems with others [51:34]

Talk to the people who are most likely to buy what you are selling. Don’t try to attract everybody [58:02]

Potentially creating a CRM customized for individual niches [1:00:25]

Reubens advice for entrepreneurs “find a niche and become the go-to person in that niche” [1:05:02]

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