How Can We Make Insurance More Human? With Gregory Rozdeba of Dundas Life

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#12: Greg Rozdeba joins Annaka and Ethan to share his story founding Dundas Life, a startup providing life insurance coverage that aims to make life insurance both accessible and affordable. Although it may not be the flashiest industry, Greg is working to disrupt the insurance industry, which has yet to see many technical innovations and can play an important role in our day-to-day lives. 

Greg Rozdeba is the founder and CEO of Dundas Life, an insurance company that is bringing empathy and tech to an industry that has remained relatively stagnant. Greg walks us through the process of going all in and finding ways to scale and fund a growing business. Additionally Greg provides his insights on how to market for a new company, how to build your first batch of clients, and how he used his skills from working in the service industry to revolutionize the insurance industry. 

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Podcast Episode Notes

Life insurance online — How Greg is using tech to disrupt the insurance industry [2:20]

Putting empathy into work to improve service and build relationships [4:45]

A ubiquitous process that has not seen much change in the last few years [8:28]

COVID-19 sparked Greg’s transition to working full time for Dundas Life [15:20]

Getting to the point where Dundas Life creates enough revenue to support itself and pay employees — Greg’s decision to bootstrap and future plans to scale with venture capital funding [19:52]

Determining how much money to allocate to advertisements [22:17]

Expanding and scaling to follow the company’s organic growth [25:11]

How do you market and sell something that isn’t a flashy product? [28:40]

Finding your target demographics and exploring your audience [34:00]

Using your personal network to build your first clients and creating relationships to grow from there [37:15]

Tip for listeners: get a second and third opinion on your insurance to comparare rates  [40:43]

Building partnerships within your industry and finding ways to embed your product into other industries [42:38]

Get a proof of concept then start your business [50:15]

Listen to your consumers to guide your actions. Following feedback is important for scaling and creating sustainable change [53:30]

One big surprise about entrepreneurship — Not having a guaranteed paycheck every week is both terrifying and motivating [55:13]

From Tim Hortons worker to CEO, how Greg used his skills developed while working in the service industry to win over customers and lead his own business  [59:30]

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