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Liesha-PetrovichHi, I’m Liesha Petrovich, host of Startup Savant and owner of Microbusiness Essentials. If you’re looking to start a business and bring that great idea to life but don’t know where to start, this page is for you.

For me and the authors here at Startup Savant, we try to keep things simple. The goal is to help future entrepreneurs like you build their dream business while staying on a budget and keeping gray hairs to a minimum.

Through patience, persistence, and passion I truly believe anyone can start a business and own their future. If your goal is to take the path less traveled and be your own boss, I’m thrilled to have you here!


3 Things to Expect When Starting a Business

1) Starting a business is NOT easy and it will not happen overnight. You should be prepared to work hard, especially in the beginning.

2) People will tell you that your business idea won’t work. Sadly, not everyone will believe in your dream like you do. Stay strong and keep moving forward. Every successful business owner has been where you are right now.

3) There is no single path to starting a business. Every article on Startup Savant is meant to show you how to think, not what to think. Take what you learn here and make it your own.

Starting a Business Resources

Top 3 Resources for Starting a Business

When you’re starting a business, it’s crucial that you watch every penny, otherwise you run out of money and run into issues. The good news is that the days needing a $10,000 custom website and keeping a shoebox of receipts to keep track of your finances are over.

There are more affordable options for business owners like us and it’s never been easier to start a business on a low budget. To help save money where it really counts, here are the top 3 resources for starting a business that we trust and use ourselves.

1) Incorporate Your Business With Ease

Why Incorporate a BusinessIncFile ($49) and LegalZoom ($149) are affordable online incorporation services that make sure all the proper documents filed and your business is 100% legally set up. They just ask you simple questions and file the legal documents for you. See which is right for you through our complete comparison.


2) Write a Solid Business Plan

Write a Business PlanLivePlan (25% off discount) is your secret weapon if you need to develop a solid business plan. It walks you step-by-step through the entire process with video tutorials and example business plans so you can spend less time planning and more time building your business. See our LivePlan review for a close up.


3)  Build a Business Website

Online Incorporation ResourcesWe recommend using Bluehost for your business website. It is very reliable, has a 1-click automatic WordPress installation, and has a delightfully helpful customer support. See how it works at Ryan’s Bluehost review. If you would like a more comprehensive option for building a business website, look into the Rainmaker Platform.

Starting a Business Resources

It means a lot that you are taking the time to invest in yourself. By putting in the time and staying patient, you’ll be able to reach your goals. Although starting a business isn’t easy, a good idea and a bucket of elbow grease is where every successful entrepreneur starts!

I hope you find our humble online magazine useful in bringing your great idea to life. Please take what you learn here and make it your own. If you’d like to say hi, tweet @StartupSavant and tell us what you’re going to do today to take another step closer to your goals. Good luck!

Your biggest fans,

Liesha Petrovich & the Startup Savant Team

Your life is your canvas. Take the opportunity head on and build something awesome. – Ryan James

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