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11 Social Media Tools And Resources That Save You Time

Social Media Tools And Resources To Save You Time

When it comes to taking care of your social media, you’re going to need a little help to minimize the time you spend on management and staying up to date on latest news and trends. Both are important to keep your efforts at their best.

To maximize time, you’re going to want a set of tools that allow you to organize, plan, and analyze your social media activities.


Content distribution

For content distribution, platforms that enable you to schedule are essential. One of the most widely known and used tools is Hootsuite.

It’s a social relationship platform that gives you the possibility to have a free account and manage up to three social profiles. It also enables you to engage with your Twitter followers and influencers in a very user friendly and organized way.

Another resource you will want for your social media content distribution is an RSS feed aggregator, such as Netvibes, so you can spot valuable content to schedule without having to open each website separately. You can also use sites like Right Relevance or ContentGems and search topics with keywords.


Social Media Analytics

For your social media analytics, most networks have a section for it that will share with you information such as followers gained, clicks, reach; basically your overall social network performance. However, there are also reporting tools that you can choose from to gather those analytics on one platform.

Hootsuite has an analytics and reporting option, but there’s also Sendible and Simply Measured, to name a few.


For best practices and news

For best practices and news, you can stay informed by making a list of industry websites to visit on a daily or weekly basis (you can opt to add them to your RSS Feed aggregator to make them all the more accessible).

To get your list started here are five websites that offer valuable insight and are always on top of the latest news in the social media and online marketing realm.

Bonus Tool: For those in need of a graphic design tool to improve visual content, Canva is a great choice. It’s a simple, drag-and-drop, free online design software. Their social media templates can be used on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Google+ and Instagram.

Once you get used to using the tools and resources you choose, it will get easier and easier for you to actively pursue a consistent online presence with your content distribution. This means you will have enough time to take care of the most important part of your social media marketing: engagement.

You will also have saved time from your overall social media activities, leaving more room for your business activities; after all, your business needs you, if it’s going to grow.

What tools and resources have you found helpful for your social media management? Join the conversation on Twitter and let me know!

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