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Should You Use an Online Incorporation Service?

Should You Use an Online Incorporation Service

Hello fellow entrepreneur, since you’re here you must be getting really serious and wondering whether you should turn to an online incorporation service.

Bottom line, the answer’s a big fat YES!

If you were a business lawyer or had the means and skill-set to do it yourself, you wouldn’t be reading these words right now. The incorporation service isn’t something to “wing” if you know what I mean.

Can you stay in operation unincorporated?

Absolutely, but there’s so many things you’d be missing out on. It’s a lot like being in a long-term adult relationship without getting married. For starters some of the advantages of making it official includes tax deductions, liability protection and legal representation under the law.

Your #1 responsibility as a business owner is to keep your doors open which is hard enough. Incorporation simply makes things way easier on so many levels.

If you want to get your business incorporated in a quick, stress-free way and not actually have to learn any legal procedures, then an online incorporation service is the ticket. They take care of the entire legal process without the large price tag of 20th century methods. For example, IncFile is the most affordable option on the market at $100 less than LegalZoom and is our readers favorite. For the average startup the conventional route of hiring a lawyer and going through all the motions would cost…so…much…more.

That’s just the beginning. I’ll break down the benefits below then when you’re done you can take the leap and get the ball rolling.


Online Incorporation Services Make Life Truly Easier

There are legions of steps, stacks of paperwork, and plenty of headaches involved in the conventional method of incorporation that goes back centuries. Online incorporation services on the other hand use modern technology to do everything you don’t actually need a lawyer to do.

While in the past entrepreneurs were forced to be heavily involved in each step of the process, these days providers have narrowed it down to:

And that’s about it. Afterwards providers like IncFile stick around to speedily handle most things that in the past you would’ve needed to personally hire a lawyer to do.


Online Incorporation Services Are More Affordable

You need as much capital as you can get your hands on, am I right? Your business is like a black hole sucking every loose penny into it with tremendous force.

How does saving thousands of dollars sound?

You’ll pay three times less for online incorporation providers from the get-go, then because there are more than one they compete. IncFile is the most affordable though.

Their packages are like one-stop-shop baskets of features that kickstart your business with other helpful add-on services available. If you’re bootstrapping, it’s a no-brainer. Save the high-priced lawyers for after your company makes its first million.


Online Incorporation Services Are Faster

What used to take a rather long time can now be accomplished in about a month. That’s right, you can become fully incorporated quickly now. That’s no joke or scam either. Again, all these tech-disruptions you see happening in our culture are really just the internet helping us get rid of the fat in the system.


These Services Help You Stay Compliant

Throughout the lifetime of your business, your incorporation provider helps you stay compliant through alerts and email updates regarding important documents that need to be filed.

The majority of online incorporation services like IncFile have a compliance tool which automatically reminds business owners of their legal obligations. No more getting blindsided by the details and legalities.


They Help You Beyond the Incorporation Process

Online incorporation services may not be able to give you the legal advice you need, but they can definitely give you insights and best practices on running and managing your business. These incorporation companies are often founded by experienced business professionals who have long been in the industry and want to see their clients succeed. For example, IncFile has helped many thousands of folks like you, and over the years have become an incredible resource.

Ready to Get Started?

For the best overall value, speed, and impeccable customer service we highly suggest checking out IncFile. Priced at just $49 for their basic package, you get a free Registered Agent service, order tracking, free shipping, and one-business-day processing.

Whether you’re on a budget or not, IncFile is an excellent option to start your business. See for yourself. Or IncFile Review

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