American Express Business Gold Card Review 2023

Is it the best credit card for your startup?

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The American Express Business Gold Card is a corporate card that’s open to businesses with good credit. It’s a card that really packs a punch in terms of rewards, including an enticing welcome offer. What sets it apart from the pack because it works like a credit card to some extent. You’ll be able to carry forward and pay interest on part of your balance — flexibility that’s unmatched in the industry. 

There is also no preset credit limit. The amount you can spend will vary continuously depending on your credit status and spending habits. But there’s a cost to all this — $295 a year, to be exact.

In this guide, we take a look at what the American Express Business Gold Card has to offer and how it stacks up to the competition.

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American Express Business Gold Card Eligibility Requirements

The AmEx Business Gold Card is one of the more accessible corporate cards available at present, but not every business will be eligible for it. To qualify, either the business or its owner(s) must demonstrate creditworthiness. Also, both the business and the owner(s) must have federal tax numbers, such as an EIN or an SSN. Having a source of regular income is also a requirement. 

  • Personal credit score of at least 670
  • Business credit score of at least 75 
  • Federal Tax ID/EIN (partnerships and corporations)
  • SSN/ITIN (sole proprietorship)
  • Regular income

The AmEx Business Gold Card also has basic requirements. Applicants must be at least 18 years old and be either a US citizen or a legal resident.

Pros and Cons of the American Express Business Gold Card

Pros of American Express Business Gold Card

  • Substantial points rewards, ranging from 1x to 4x
  • Flexible repayment with Pay Over Time feature
  • Expense management tools
  • Extra perks for travel that include Global Assist Hotline
  • Open to sole proprietors and partnerships

Cons of American Express Business Gold Card

  • Requires good credit
  • Annual fee of $295
  • No airport lounge access

Should You Apply for an American Express Business Gold Card?

We recommend the American Express Business Gold Card for sole proprietorships or partnerships looking for rewards and expense management tools. 

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American Express Business Gold Card Fees and Features

The American Express Business Gold Card comes with a bunch of benefits. For starters, there’s a great incentive to sign up. New accounts will receive 110,000 reward points if they spend $10,000 during their first three months. After becoming a member, the party goes on. The card also offers substantial points rewards in a wide range of categories. 

The list includes:

  • Airline tickets
  • Advertising spend on online, TV, or radio media
  • Purchases from select technology providers of computer hardware, software, and cloud solutions
  • Purchases at gas stations and restaurants (eat-in, takeout and delivery)
  • Shipping costs

You’ll get four points for every dollar in the two categories where you spend the most — up to a combined limit of $150,000 per annum. Expenses above that limit earns one point per dollar. You can keep track of your points through your membership rewards account. 

Although it’s a charge card, the AmEx Business Gold Card has a credit card-like feature called “Pay Over Time” that could provide some breathing room when cash is tight. Pay Over Time allows you to carry forward a balance that results from regular purchases. Moreover, although the due date is 25 days after the close of each billing period, no interest will be charged until after 54 days

However, that part of the balance made up of AmEx fees, charges and traveler’s checks, cash withdrawals, gambling transactions and some insurance premiums cannot be carried forward. It must be paid at the end of the statement period. Carry forward balances will be subject to a Pay Over Time limit. 

The card has no preset spending limit. The limit varies with your spending pattern and changes to your creditworthiness. Regardless, the card provides access to an expense management platform that provides the capability to pay bills through, integrate with QuickBooks, issue employee cards, and prepare reports on charges and purchases. 

With the AmEx Business Gold card, there are lots of reasons to travel. Booking your flight with American Express Travel using Membership Rewards Pay with Points will get you 25% of those points back, up to a limit of 250,000 points every year. You can book first class, business class or any class airline tickets with your selected airline from a list of qualifying airlines. 

Selecting the Hotel Collection through American Express Travel will give you added benefits, like the $100 experience credit to spend on qualifying dining, spa and resort activities. You’ll also be able to upgrade your room when checking in. And access to the Global Assist Hotline will be yours. This service is available anytime you travel more than 100 miles from home. It provides 24/7 emergency assistance and coordination services, including medical and legal referrals, emergency cash wires, and missing luggage assistance. 

A range of insurance coverage is in the cards, so to speak. You’ll be covered for up to $1,250 for carry-on baggage and up to $500 for checked baggage, in excess of coverage provided by the common carrier. You’ll also be covered for damage to or theft of a rental vehicle in a covered territory if you decline the collision damage waiver. 

Trip delay insurance is also available. Trip delay insurance covers delays of over 12 hours due to bad weather, mechanical failure, and lost or stolen passports or travel documents. You can be reimbursed for reasonable additional expenses, including but not limited to meals, lodging, toiletries, medication, and other personal use items, up to a limit of $300. Coverage is provided by New Hampshire Insurance Company, an AIG Company.

The AmEx Business Gold Card will set you back $295 every year. But spending about $1,000/month or $12,000/year and getting an average of 2.5 points per dollar will cover that cost. That’s assuming a spend of at least $6,000 that earns four points per dollar, and another $6,000 that pays one point per dollar. 

Rewards and Benefits

  • Spend $10,000 within three months after signup and get 110,000 reward points 
  • 4x reward points on your two major spend categories
  • 25% Airline Bonus
  • Hotel Collection
  • Global Assist Hotline

Interest Rates

  • Pay Over Time APR: 17.99%–25.99%
  • Penalty APR: 29.99% 


  • Annual Membership Fee: $295
  • Late Payment Fee: $39 or 2.99% of any past due Pay in Full amount (whichever is greater)
  • Returned Payment Fee: $39
  • No foreign transaction fees

How Does the American Express Business Gold Card Compare?

You may find the AmEx Business Gold Card to be the best thing since sliced bread. Its lavish rewards framework is enticing, which allows the annual membership fee to be easily recouped. But it does require having good credit and not having access to airport lounges may be a deal breaker. In that case, you may want to consider the Capital One Spark Classic. Here’s a brief match-up of the two cards:

American Express Business Gold Card

$295 Annual Fee

Top bonus categories are not fixed but reflect your spending. 

Best for: Businesses with a lot of spend – particularly on airfare, advertising, and shipping.

Capital One Spark Classic

$0 Annual Fee 

No security deposit required. 

Best for: Business owners with limited or fair credit.

Final Thoughts on American Express Business Gold Card

The AmEx Business Gold Card is cut out for businesses with good credit — especially those that spend a lot on a few select categories. To be eligible, it requires a personal credit score of 670 or more or a business credit score of at least 75. The good news is that, unlike many corporate cards, the AmEx Business Gold is open to sole proprietorships and partnerships. 

Starting out as a charge card, the AmEx Business Gold Card has morphed into a credit card by adding a Pay Over Time option, which allows you to carry balances forward. It also offers a great rewards package that hands out four points for every dollar on the two categories—from a selection of six—on which you spend the most. And it’s linked to a suite of expense management tools that can be integrated with your accounting system if you use QuickBooks. 

Booking travel with Hotel Collection through American Express Travel unwraps even more benefits, including a Global Assist Hotline you can dial for legal, medical and other emergencies, if you get into hot water while on the move. 

However, good things are not cheap. The AmEx Business Gold Card has a price tag of $295 a year. Nevertheless, spending about $1,000 a month will let you recoup that cost, thanks to the flexible rewards scheme.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the American Express Business Gold Card worth it?

The AmEx Business Gold Card can be worth its price ($295/year) if your business spends a lot in certain specified categories. If you spend at least $12,000 a year split equally between categories that pay 4x and 1x points, your rewards will amount to $300, which covers the membership fee cost. Expenditure that exceeds $12,000 a year will make the annual fee negligible.

Is it hard to get a gold American Express card?

It’s not hard to get the AmEx Business Gold Card. The requirements are creditworthiness, having a regular income, and being a US citizen or US resident alien.

Does Amex Business Gold have a limit?

The AmEx Business Gold Card does not have a fixed limit. There is a limit, but it varies according to a variety of factors that include your spending pattern and credit rating. 

How do I get an American Express Gold Business Card?

Applying for the AmEx Business Gold Card is easy, and you can apply on the AmEx website. You will need the following information on hand: number of employees, annual revenues, and estimated monthly expenditure. AmEx promises a decision in seconds. 

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