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Sage One Accounting Review: Is It Right for You?

Sage One ReviewWelcome to Startup Savant’s Sage One Accounting review where we breeze through the basics of this software, talk pros/cons, package options, pricing and more. In essence though, this is great small-biz software that can help you keep financials in order. It it ultimately the ideal software for your platform? Well, that’s what we’re here to discover, so enjoy!

Some Sage One Pros & Conx


  1. The software comes with a full list of add-ons which you can further boost your financials with. There’s also a ton of other business solutions ready to be leveraged as well.

  2. Sage One generates financial statements along with automated reports everyday so you can stay on top of things while saving time and energy.

  3. Create and customize invoices in a couple clicks. Sage One has numerous templates to choose from where you just add your logo, fill-in the details and hit send.

  4. Has a multi-currency feature that supports 32 currencies globally so you can use the software worldwide. This features isn’t standard by any mean, plenty of their competitors avoid it.

  5. Bank integration feature allows you to automatically sync data from bank and credit/debit card transactions.

  6. Has an intuitive interface that allows you to set-up an account in as little as 5 minutes and easily collaborate with your accountant, team members and/or other business professionals.

  7. Creating spreadsheets is a cake walk because Sage One added customization to their quotes and estimates functions.


  1. Some argue the interface needs a refresher, along with their somewhat clunky navigation, and outdated language that some newer entrepreneurs might find confusing.

  2. Their free version is VERY limited, for example it lacks budgeting and forecasting tools.

  3. There’s an extra charge when you add administrators.

  4. Until it grows and expands a bit the software isn’t fit for medium-sized and larger enterprises.

How Do They Compare to Others?

Well, the company’s been around since the early 80’s so it has a long rich history and in most respects have stayed true to its motto of streamlined accounting while growing and expanding through modern technology. Over on PCMag.com Kathy Yakal summed it up nicely with,

“Sage One Accounting Premium offers small businesses basic income- and expense-tracking as well as some features that its competition doesn’t. But it suffers from an outdated user interface and clunky navigation tools.”


Is Sage One Easy to Use?

Firstly, it’s web-based so that adds to its convenience/compatibility levels for sure, and no installation is required which makes it super lightweight and fast. While some folks really love its data organization, a fair amount of reviewers talk about its clunky or somewhat challenging navigation.

Be prepared to spend some time in the settings area to start learning your way around, set important preferences, etc., but overall initial setup is a cinch. Their “Getting Started guide is great, and there’s plenty of on-site and off-site educational/instructional info out there if you need extra help aside from their phone/chat support.


A Look Inside Sage One

Right, with all that info swimming around let’s dive into some screen shots and get a feel for the software. This first one is more feature-focused but show’s you where you begin making your choices and how the data is categorized.

Sage One Accounting

So the navigation menu is on the top and this serves as the desktop/laptop version. We’ll get to the mobile version momentarily, but first let’s take a look at some of the highlights in regards to invoicing features.

Sage One Review Invoices

This last one is directly from their website and showcases the simple design of their mobile app version. It’s very well made but like most other very complex apps, is a work in progress.

Sage One Accounting Review Mobile


Sage One Pricing & Packages

It’s time to get into the bread and butter and uncover what kind of features they include in both their mobile app version and other packages. As you’ll see, the software is competitively priced with a shorter features list than you’d find with say, Xero for example (our #1 choice).

Sage One Accounting Review Packages

Sage One Accounting offers a free mobile plan – no hidden charges, extra fees and contracts, it’s totally free! However, it’s also rather limited. Chances are you and your brand would use it as a complementary tool should you opt for the “Start” or “Accounting” plans.

Okay, now just so you can see what we’re talking about, here’s the package pricing for Xero accounting software. Or rather, this is about 1/3 or even 1/4th of the entire list of features. We think it’s way too big to put in a Sage One review like this.

Xero Package Pricing

It just keeps going and going. But that’s the point here, the accounting software that’s best for your brand should match your current needs.

Jumping into very comprehensive software like Xero might not be the best move right now, or maybe it is and you can just grow into it like we have. Or maybe you’re a smaller operation and Sage One’s Accounting plan complimented with their mobile app would be better. That’s really up to you.


Are Other Entrepreneurs Happy

At the end of the day, if Sage One wasn’t good software there’s no conceivable way they would still be in business and have a thriving customer base. Right? If you want to know what people are currently saying, there’s plenty of long drawn-out reviews online and lots of conversation in their Community Forums.

We’d say the biggest gripe out there would be the “No payroll for US users” issue and limited project features. But in general, the attitude is one of appreciation for their low pricing, mobility, simple dashboard, and outstanding customer support.

Ready to Try Sage One?

Maybe you're liking what you're seeing and reading about Sage One, or maybe it just hasn't convinced you. Perhaps you need a more robust option with more highly regarded UX? Use the links below to either head to Sage One and dig deeper or discover our #1 favorite accounting software solution Xero. Either way, your bookkeeping is about to get a serious boost. Cheers!

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