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Which Is Right For You?

Rocket Lawyer vs Incorporate.comWhen forming a new business without legal representation, one of the toughest decisions is which document filing service to work with. Out of the large pool of options, which one’s ideal for you and your goals?

You’re in luck, because in this Rocket Lawyer vs comparison we’ll dive into two of the most popular in the industry, each offering fully-featured service packages tailored to the unique needs of businesses both large and small.

To be thorough we’ll glide through some of their commonalities and differences, package pricing, features, and look at what their customers are saying. By the time you’re done, you’ll have a much clearer idea of which brand better suits your needs. Enjoy!

Common Features

With any two document filing companies there’s going to be some overlap in what they offer. That’s certainly the case with Rocket Lawyer and — previously known as The Company Corporation — as they both quickly and effectively file formation paperwork to get your business off the ground. Here’s a handful of things they share in common.

1) Both work with businesses of all kinds, from nonprofits to LLCs and conventional corporations.

2) Both offer top-notch professional customer support to answer questions/address concerns about the incorporation process. Make a phone call, send an email, start a web chat session — help is always at your fingertips.

3) Both include thorough compliance assistance tools. If there’s a tax deadline or legal obligation coming up, they’ll keep you in the know at all times. No surprises!

4) Both companies have several different incorporation packages to choose from, allowing you to tailor the process to the unique needs of your vision.

5) Rocket Lawyer’s website is protected by Norton Web Security. The Company Corporation enlists the services of McAfee SECURE protection. Point is, your private data will stay as secure as possible.

What Sets Them Apart

For as much as they share in common, there are some significant differences between the ways Rocket Lawyer and The Company Corporation handle the document filing process. To get a better idea of which option is best for you, let’s take a look at the areas where they diverge.

  • The Company Corporation is a traditional incorporation service, using one-time fees to cover your document filing needs. Rocket Lawyer offers this as well, but their featured service is a subscription model which you can use for as long or short a time as you see fit.
  • Rocket Lawyer sets themselves apart from the competition by connecting customers to lawyers and other legal professionals — at discounted rates — if any serious issues ever arise for your business.
  • The Company Corporation offers a $50,000 Corporate Veil Guarantee, an incredibly valuable resource. If you follow the guidelines of their registered agent service, they’ll cover up to $50k in legal fees if anyone ever tries to acquire your personal assets.
  • Rocket Lawyer’s Everyday Law Blog is a really valuable resource. It’s updated several times a week with fresh, relevant content.
  • Originally founded in 2008, Rocket Lawyer is still a relatively new company. On the other hand, The Company Corporation opened its doors in 1899! No one in the incorporation industry can come close to that sort of longevity.

Customer Reviews

Customer ReviewsRocket Lawyer and The Company Corporation both have A+ ratings as Better Business Bureau Accredited Businesses. As for customer testimonials, neither company is likely going to win or lose the battle for your business based on client feedback.

Rocket Lawyer has 320 reviews on SiteJabber, with a somewhat mediocre 2.3-star average rating. Once you dig into the negative reviews however, it’s clear most of these people simply didn’t understand what they were buying. For example:

“They have in small writing, of course, that after 7 days of using their service you will be charged $39.95 EVERY MONTH til you cancel it! I had to cancel my credit card to stop this misery. Of course it is all legal! They can rob you blind and it’s legal!” – Robin J.


We didn’t even cherry-pick. Actually, that just happened to be the most recent Rocket Lawyer review on SiteJabber. Robin J. up there is pretty representative of the people who are unhappy with Rocket Lawyer.

They mostly seem to be upset with the fact that the service they “subscribed” (yes, subscribed) to turned out to be… *gasp* subscription-based! Basically, we’re not worried about these reviews, simply because their very nature is rather silly. We don’t put a ton of stock into the opinions of customers who don’t know what they’re buying.

That brings us to The Company Corporation, which doesn’t really have any online reviews. Seriously, try to find some. (If you do, please come back and let us know where you discovered them!) The only feedback we could find for The Company Corporation is the rather generic, anonymous reviews on their own website. Here’s an example:

“I chose because it was a fast and easy way to protect myself and my business. Making the decision to become an LLC was the turning point in the legitimacy and profitability of my company. sends me reminder emails when payments are due so it is easy to remain in good standing with the state.”


Long story short, that doesn’t tell us much. But the lack of negative reviews is definitely a good thing. There’s no one going around trashing The Company Corporation online, which is honestly pretty rare these days. We’ll take all this as a net positive.

On the whole, neither of these companies are especially great or terrible when it comes to customer reviews. We doubt that makes much of an impact on your final decision, but we do like to present you with as much information as possible.

Pricing Differences

Rocket Lawyer Starts at $99

Rocket Lawyer’s pricing model boils down to whether you join their subscription service: you’re either a Member or a Non-Member.

If you choose to become a member, you can pick the Accelerate tier.

Incorporation filing is one of many services available to Rocket Lawyer members, at no extra charge beyond your existing monthly subscription fee.

If you don’t want to go the subscription route, non-members can order one-time incorporation service for $99.95. In our opinion, it’s probably a better deal to go the Rocket Lawyer subscription route, as opposed to purchasing their one-off services:

Rocket Lawyer Pricing Table

That $99 non-member rate doesn’t include registered agent service, or compliance documents. Adding those puts at least another $169.95 on your bill. Basically, if you’re thinking Rocket Lawyer sounds like a good fit for your company, go ahead and order the subscription. You can always cancel it once you feel you’ve gotten everything you need out of their many features.

Rocket Lawyer doesn’t exactly have the fastest turnaround times in the industry, as their processing can take up to 12 ½ weeks. Keep in mind that Rocket Lawyer offers far more substantial legal assistance than their competition though, so things might take a bit longer than with a company which specializes primarily in document filing. Starts at $99

The Company Corporation offers three levels of service: The Starter, The Essentials and The Works. The $99 Starter includes everything you need to file your company documents, along with the $50,000 Corporate Veil Guarantee and their Compliance Watch tool.

Below, you can see a screenshot of the Essentials package, which adds compliance products, an Employer Identification Number, and a custom operating agreement for an additional $200: Starter Fee

The Company Corporation also offers what they call The Works package, for a hefty $699. In addition to all of the features found in the Essentials tier, The Works adds access to a professional business coach — which The Company Corporation says is worth $395 — along with an ‘online guidebook.’

Unless that guidebook is worth way more than $5, we think the mid-tier Essentials package is the best value, seeing as it costs $400 less.

Which Should You Choose?

Winner - Which Should You ChooseIf you have serious concerns about piercing the corporate veil, The Company Corporation is probably the way to go, thanks to their $50k guarantee.

Aside from that, it likely comes down to whether you’re looking for a one-time purchase — albeit one with ongoing customer support — or a more all-encompassing business assistance subscription service.

Both companies are great options if you’re looking to file incorporation documents. Whether you prefer the monthly subscription model of Rocket Lawyer, or want the corporate veil protection from The Company Corporation, we think you’ll be happy with your choice either way. Best of luck with your new business!

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