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Rocket Lawyer VS LegalZoom: Who is Right for You?

Rocket Lawyer vs LegalZoom: Who is right for you?You’ve read the Rocket Lawyer review and the LegalZoom review. You’ve done your research. And you’re finally ready to make a decision between the two.

Now all that’s left is figuring out which one meets your needs the most and how the two differ when it comes to cost and services.

You want to make sure you invest in the legal service provider that suits your short-term and long-term business needs the most. So in this Rocket Lawyer vs LegalZoom review, we’ll figure out who is the right service for you.

Let’s start the face-off by comparing each of the services Rocket Lawyer and LegalZoom offer. First we’ll cover the incorporation services and make our way into their additional legal services like subscriptions and legal advice.


Rocket Lawyer VS LegalZoom LLC Incorporation Comparison

Incorporating Your LLC with Rocket Lawyer

Rocket Lawyer has a single package that incorporates your business without the stress for $99.95 (plus state fees), which is $49 cheaper than LegalZoom’s basic incorporation service. Not only that, but from personal experience the customer support with Rocket Lawyer is far superior to LegalZoom.

Rocket Lawyer LLC Incorporation

After you’ve filled in all your information and are at the checkout, they will offer you some of the additional features to kickstart your new business like a corporate kit, EIN, and registered agent services.

If you want to add them on, you can. If you don’t, it’s not mandatory.

For the full details on incorporating with Rocket Lawyer, check out my incorporating with Rocket Lawyer review. If you’re bootstrapping and want to save money where it counts when incorporating a business, I’d recommend Rocket Lawyer.

Incorporating Your LLC with LegalZoom

LegalZoom has three packages you can choose from: Economy, Standard, and Express Gold. (Packages not including your state fees)

Economy Package = $149

Rocket Lawyer vs LegalZoomThis LLC package checks the availability of your LLC name and creates personalized documents that are specific to your state. They also send you your filed documents, plus a free lifetime of customer support.

(Note: The LegalZoom support isn’t outstanding. It’s a little difficult to get ahold of them on the phone. Rocket Lawyer has a much more friendly and available help desk to solve any questions you might have.)

Standard Package = $289

This package includes everything from the Economy Package, plus they prepare your vendor’s license, withholding tax form, and provide you with a CD full of useful business forms. The Standard LLC Package also allows you to get you your Federal Tax ID number, QuickBooks for 3 months and one year of online PR and social media promotion.

Express Gold Package = $359

With this package you get everything from the Economy and Standard Packages, plus a rush order on receiving your LLC within a week to ten days instead of 20-35 days.

See LegalZoom’s LLC pricing packages in more detail.


Who should start your LLC?

Now that you have a better idea of what to expect from Rocket Lawyer and LegalZoom, it’s pretty clear that Rocket Lawyer wins this round. Although Rocket Lawyer is the more simple, better supported, and affordable option of the two, LegalZoom is close behind.


Rocket Lawyer and LegalZoom Subscription Comparisons

Now let’s look into a few of the subscription features for LegalZoom and Rocket Lawyer.

Basic Service Pricing

Non-Disclosure Agreement

Employment Contract

Promissory Note

Legal Advice Service


Who has the better legal subscription?

If you are looking for full-on legal resources at your disposal with just a few clicks and one price, Rocket Lawyer wins without question at $39.95 a month.

If you are looking for a slightly more affordable option, LegalZoom’s $23.99 subscription still comes with excellent resources that make your legal life much easier.

Based on pricing, number of features, and quality of services included in the subscriptions, this round’s winner goes to Rocket Lawyer. It’s hard to overlook the fact that you get so much more by paying just $16 more for Rocket Lawyer’s subscription than LegalZoom’s. At the end of the day though, it depends on your personal preferences and what you need.

Try Rocket Lawyer’s subscription 7 days, free of charge.
Try LegalZoom’s subscription for $23.99 a month.

General Overview of Rocket Lawyer VS LegalZoom Services

Time to Complete the LLC Process

Legal Forms and Services

Legal Advice

See each service for yourself


Here’s how we give back

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