Rocket Lawyer LLC Review 2024

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For many business owners, forming a limited liability company (LLC) is an attractive option because it provides personal asset protection, tax flexibility, and brand credibility. If you’re looking to form an LLC, but aren’t sure which LLC formation service is right for you, you’re in the right place. 

Rocket Lawyer offers online legal services, including LLC formation. This review outlines the key features, pricing, and pros and cons of the service to help you determine if Rocket Lawyer is the best LLC formation service for your startup. 

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What Is Rocket Lawyer?

Rocket Lawyer is an online legal services platform that offers a wide range of solutions for individuals and businesses, including startup founders. The company provides a user-friendly interface that allows users to create, edit, and sign legal documents, such as contracts, agreements, and business formation filings. Rocket Lawyer's goal is to make legal services more accessible and affordable for everyone — especially those who may not have the resources to hire a traditional law firm.

For startup founders looking to form an LLC, Rocket Lawyer offers a streamlined process that can help simplify the business formation journey. Their LLC formation service includes a step-by-step questionnaire that guides users through the necessary information required to create and file their LLC documents. Additionally, Rocket Lawyer provides access to a network of licensed attorneys who can offer personalized advice and guidance, ensuring startup founders have the support they need to navigate the legal aspects of starting and growing their business.

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Pros and Cons of Rocket Lawyer


  • Members receive access to valuable legal services and support. 
  • Excellent customer service available by phone and email. 
  • Platform is easy to use, making the formation process seamless.


  • Pricing is higher than many competitors. 
  • Memberships and add-ons make pricing confusing.

Rocket Lawyer Alternative: Northwest

Northwest is a reliable and affordable LLC formation service that offers one year of free registered agent services. 

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Rocket Lawyer Pricing and Features

Without a Rocket Lawyer membership, LLC formation costs $99.99 plus state fees on the platform. This includes an Operating Agreement template, document storage, and business name availability search in addition to the preparation and filing of formation documents with the state. The platform also offers add-on services, such as: 

  • Registered agent service: $149.99 per year 
  • Employer Identification Number (EIN): $59.99 

To gain discounts on LLC formation and registered agent services, users can opt to become a Rocket Lawyer member. There are two membership plans available: 

  • Rocket Legal ($39.99/month): Members gain access to legal documents, document defense, and attorney consultations. 
  • Rocket Legal+ ($19.99/month billed annually): Members gain access to discounts on business formation, registered agent, tax preparation, and trademark filing services. 

Rocket Lawyer Reviews

On Trustpilot, Rocket Lawyer boasts a rating of 4.7 out of five stars with 82% of customers giving the service five stars on the platform. However, there are few reviews about Rocket Lawyer’s formation services specifically. Satisfied customers cited helpful customer service staff and benefited from the platform’s “Ask a Lawyer” service. Plus, Rocket Lawyer’s free seven-day trial helped customers determine whether or not this service was right for them. 

Negative comments about Rocket Lawyer cited a lack of delivery of documents and confusion about how the website operates. The company responded to these comments to offer support to each customer. 

Here are some verified reviews from Trustpilot by people who used Rocket Lawyer to help launch their businesses:

“The forms were exceptionally well laid out, easy to understand and complete and state specific. Where questions did arise the[ir] provided information made those decisions navigable.”

“It's a very useful service, but small businesses would much prefer to pop in and out and pay as we go. I didn't [realize] that I was on a subscription until I saw it on my credit card (again)! The docs I purchased were very useful. Thank you.”

“[I'm] happy with the product. I checked reviews of other sites that offer similar services and was surprised that there were security concerns. Rocket Lawyer didn’t seem to have those issues. It was easy to cancel after getting the service that I needed. I won’t hesitate to use or recommend Rocket Lawyer in the future.”

With a substantial amount of five-star reviews for Rocket Lawyer, it is safe to say most customers seem satisfied with their service. However, there were few reviews mentioning the platform’s LLC formation services specifically.

Rocket Lawyer Alternatives

Before settling on one LLC formation service, see how it stacks up against competitors. Northwest Registered Agent, LegalZoom, and ZenBusiness are prominent online business formation providers, and here’s how they compare to Rocket Lawyer in terms of price, features, and usability. 

Rocket Lawyer vs. Northwest

Our top LLC formation service recommendation is Northwest Registered Agent. The platform offers a better value overall than Rocket Lawyer with one free year of registered agent services and Operating Agreement creation at a much lower price. 

Rocket Lawyer vs. LegalZoom

LegalZoom boasts a high level of brand recognition, making it a popular choice for business formation. The service offers a free formation package and focuses primarily on legal support for new businesses over marketing or sales features, making it a close competitor to Rocket Lawyer at a lower price point. 

Rocket Lawyer vs. ZenBusiness

Another popular choice for business formation is ZenBusiness. With a free formation package available, the platform is cheaper than Rocket Lawyer. However, they do not offer free registered agent services, EIN registration, or Operating Agreement creation for customers on their free formation plan. 

Choosing between several formation services can be challenging, so we’ve outlined the key features and price points for Rocket Lawyer, Northwest, LegalZoom, and ZenBusiness to help you easily compare the four competitors. Keep in mind when reviewing the prices below, you can obtain an EIN for free through the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) online. 

Service Rocket Lawyer Northwest LegalZoom ZenBusiness
LLC Filing $99.99 + state fee $29 + state fee $0 + state fee $0 + state fee
Registered Agent $149.99/year Free for 1 year $249/year $199/year
Operating Agreement Free Free $99 $99
EIN $59.99 $50 $79 $99
Total First-Year Cost $309.97 + state fee $79 + state fee $427 + state fee $397 + state fee

The Bottom Line

Rocket Lawyer is a good choice for LLC formation for businesses seeking extensive legal services and features. For these users, a membership is likely the best option to gain access to discounts and services that are valuable to new business owners. 

Users who don’t plan on establishing a membership with Rocket Lawyer, however, are likely better suited to a formation service like Northwest Registered Agent that will deliver more value for the price. 

Review Methodology

To provide a comprehensive and honest review of Rocket Lawyer, we considered several key factors:

Pricing and Value

We evaluate not only the price of the services offered, but also the value included with the price to ensure business owners are receiving the features they need to be successful. 

Ease of Use

A usable platform is key to a seamless formation experience. Business owners are busy, therefore their formation process should be quick and easy by using a platform that is easy and intuitive to use. 

Customer Support

We review the customer support offerings — both the duration of services and the type of support offered — as well as the quality, helpfulness, and availability of the customer service representatives. 

Customer Reviews and Reputation

Customer reviews offer an inside look into the experience our readers can expect from each platform. Therefore, we take care to review positive and negative customer reviews as well as the company’s reputation to ensure it is trust-worthy service. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Rocket Lawyer have hidden fees?

No, Rocket Lawyer doesn’t have any hidden or surprise fees. However, their pricing can be difficult to understand. If you plan on forming your LLC with Rocket Lawyer, be sure you understand the company’s pricing structure first. 

Do I still need a lawyer with Rocket Lawyer?

Having a lawyer for your startup is typically a good idea to review documents and advise your new company on legal matters. However, this largely depends on the industry and type of business you’re running. 

What is Rocket Lawyer?

Rocket Lawyer is a legaltech company that offers a variety of legal services for businesses and individuals, such as business formation, estate planning, and legal document review. 

Can I form my own LLC?

Yes, you can form an LLC on your own by submitting the proper documents to the state in which you’re doing business and following any additional requirements. However, many business owners opt to use a formation service to ensure they form their business accurately and stay compliant.