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Rocket Lawyer DBA REVIEW

Is It A Good Service To Use?

Rocket Lawyer DBA ReviewTaking the first steps towards filing a DBA can be a confusing process. Thankfully, there are resources like Rocket Lawyer to help during this busy time and take the paperwork off your shoulders.

In the Rocket Lawyer DBA review below, we’ll take a close look at their services. We’ll walk through some pros and cons, the basics of how it works, how they compare, as well as their pricing and features.

Rocket lawyer offers a great DBA service, and much more, but the question is are they the best fit for you? Without further adieu, let’s get started!

Pros & Cons of Rocket Lawyer's DBA Services


  1. You can benefit from their mountains of experience – 7 million businesses and 20 million individuals to be exact.

  2. Whether we’re talking to their friendly customer services reps, or collaborating with attorneys through their platform to validate our DBA guides, we’ve had nothing but great experiences with Rocket Lawyer.

  3. Their website is user-friendly and they’re simple to work with. Rocket Lawyer’s interface is intuitive so you won’t spend hours trying to find something. It’s right there, easy as pie.

  4. The company itself was created by attorneys and entrepreneurs who truly understand what it’s like to run a business and handle legalities – and it shows.

  5. If you’d rather not file a DBA by yourself and don’t have the budget yet to work with a licensed professional, Rocket Lawyer has great prices if you’re just getting started.

  6. Where they really shine though is providing access, specific access, to legitimate business attorneys to answer questions and polish documentation. Unlike other DBA filing services, Rocket Lawyer is ideal for everything you’ll need as a business owner tackling anything legal.


  1. Their pricing for DBA filing can be a bit more complicated than the typical provider in this industry, but we’ll give you the breakdown in a moment.

  2. Their reviews reflect the fact they’ve become a big operation now, and work with large volumes of people/businesses. This means they have less of that “small company” vibe that many small business owners are attracted to.

Rocket Lawyer DBA Pricing & Features

Pricing and FeaturesRocket Lawyer does DBA filing a bit differently. To give you an idea, we’ve outlined their basic process below.

First, you fill out this form on Rocket Lawyer and get a call from a specialist. Usually right away – but for sure within 24 hours.

During that call, their specialists will ask you a couple of questions and explain some additional information. It is very personalized, which is ideal when dealing with DBA registration. This includes:

  • Do you have a business in place or do you need to file your formation paperwork?
  • What state are you filing in?
  • Is your entity owned as a business or as a personal venture?
  • What is your desired business name?

They’ll also give you a ton of information on DBA filing and what a DBA can do for your business. Additionally, your rep will explain how DBAs & the state work together, and discuss topics like liability, getting your EIN and more.

Finally, the specialist will confirm some of your personal information. From here, the rep handles the application process and you’re on your way!

As far as pricing goes, you’ll either pay $99 if you have a Rocket Lawyer membership or $150 without a membership. Their membership plan looks a little like this:

Rocket Lawyer DBA Pricing

When you sign up for their monthly or yearly subscription services, you’ll have access to their entire document library, a 30 minute consultation with a lawyer on even new legal matter, reduced rates for your incorporation paperwork, and much more.

Although their pricing is a little less straightforward than other DBA filing services, the value and personalized attention you get is impressive.

Rocket Lawyer Customer Reviews

Customer ReviewsAs always, our goal is to be as honest and unbiased as possible while writing reviews. That said, there’s some unflattering Rocket Lawyer reviews online. But rather than just leaving you with that, let’s examine what’s going on and see if it has anything to do with DBA filing.

The two biggest complaints are in regards to their a.) pricing and b.) customer service options.

Looking first at pricing options, there’s some confusing info on their website related to other services. Some folks have walked away less than thrilled with how they thought they signed up for a single service, but ended up being billed for more. As we’ve said with other services, it’s all about the fine print. In terms of customer service, it’s things like the 500 word limit on customer services notes and occasionally the response time is less than ideal.

Now to the good stuff. These reviews most definitely aren’t a universal view. Even with the relatively few not so hot reviews, they still have an A+ rating with Better Business Bureau and have helped literally millions of businesses simplify their legal life. Customer reviews should be taken into consideration, but they aren’t the end-all-be-all. Take them with a grain of salt.

At the end of the day, we’ve used Rocket Lawyer and trust their services. The only thing we disagree with is the way they present their services.

How Does Rocket Lawyer DBA Compare?

Rocket Lawyer DBA ComparisonTo start this off, Rocket Lawyer is definitely one of the more experienced companies in the business. They know their stuff and they’re easy-to-use services reflect that.

Truth be told, we feel their process is pretty speedy. You can fill out your information and complete your order in roughly ten minutes.

Rocket Lawyer’s DBA service is straightforward. They’ll check your business entity name to ensure it’s available, file for the name of your entity, and take care of the rest. This allows you to open your business bank accounts and protect your name. Because DBA’s are so common, there’s not a whole lot that varies across companies within the industry.

As mentioned before, their customer support can be iffy at times since they’re a huge company serving a lot of customers, but most entrepreneurs these days don’t want to call and talk to a sales rep anyways.

But if you think that this could be a deal breaker, you might want to check out a more personalized approach, like the ones offered through Swyft Filings. They’ve got glowing reviews and customers rave about their service specialists and attention to detail.

Rocket Lawyer
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  • 800,000+ businesses formed so far

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    Anyone wanting a DBA filing service with a proven track record & is backed by Google

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Swyft Filings
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  • Unknown businesses formed so far

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    Anyone looking to work with the fastest DBA registration service available

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Frequently Asked Questions

Any Specific Filing Times?

Yep! Like many in the industry, this depends on what state you’re filing in. Regulations, fees and times vary considerably from state to state, which Rocket Lawyer will inform you of when you sign up and start completing the necessary information.

What’s Their Refund Policy?

One of the additional perks to Rocket Lawyer is that they offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. This means that if you’re not satisfied with the results or you choose to cancel your order, they will grant you a refund. You can talk directly about refunds by emailing them at [email protected] or calling their service number.

Can’t I Just File Myself?

Filing a DBA by yourself is always an option. Services like Rocket Lawyer aim to take that burden off your shoulders and focus on managing your business. But if you’re really interested in the DIY approach, check out our free step-by-step How To File a DBA guides for all the details on getting started.

Must I Sign Anything?

Nope! They handle all of the document prep, signatures and filing. Once your documents are created, they’ll sign as your ‘filer’ and send them off to state for approval.

How Secure is Rocket Lawyer?

Rocket Lawyer conforms to the security standards set forth by the industry, like working with any other legitimate longstanding business online. This includes the protection of your personal information through Secure Socket Layer, which encrypts all data. So yes, very secure.

Is Rocket Lawyer DBA Right For You?

Rocket Lawyer can be a valuable asset to most startups and entrepreneurs. Their pricing and reliable access to legal professionals is impressive and we've leaned on their system multiple times. Highly recommended!

To file a DBA with Rocket Lawyer or continue looking at your other options, use the links below.

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