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5 Solid Resources for Writing a Business Plan in Indiana

Write a Business Plan

Contrary to the belief of many entrepreneurs that a business plan is an outdated document, it is actually a useful tool that will help verify if your business idea is viable or not. All business ideas are prospective opportunities after all, and the only way to know if they’re feasible or not is to write a business plan.

If you plan on starting a business in Indiana, you need to shed off your unrealistic views about doing business and take matters into your own hands by writing a business plan.

Learning how to start a business in Indiana has many aspects, however, if you try to think about it, you don’t have to study these aspects individually because you can analyze them as a whole if you have a business plan.

If inexperience and the lack of knowledge are holding you back, here are 5 solid resources that you can use to write a professional business plan for your Indiana small business!


1) LivePlan

LivePlan is an excellent business planning tool that has assisted thousands of business owners write business plans. It is a sought-after business plan software because of its useful and practical features and services. Some of them include the following:

LivePlan is trusted by over 350,000 small businesses, you can be one of them too. Find out about its complete features by checking out our comprehensive LivePlan review.


2) SBA’s Business Plan Template

A program of the U.S. Small Business Administration, the SBA business plan template is a business planning tool that will assist you in making the most solid business plan for your Indiana small business.

It’s 100% free and you can use it anytime you want. Just create a free account by making a username and password; after that, you can basically log-in anytime, anywhere. As long as you have an internet connection in place and a gadget/device, you’ll be able to access your account at any place.

You can also save your business plan through PDF and download it if necessary. For the saving feature, the SBA will store your business plan for 6 months from your last log-in so no worries. If you intend to learn how to use the template, check out how the tool works, try it for free now!


3) How to Write a Business Plan: A Quick Guide

The traditional method of writing a business is a long process, however, it will prove to be highly beneficial for both you and your Indiana small business. As you write your business plan, you’ll be able to learn a lot and at the same time master the entire content of your plan because you’re doing it first-hand.

If questions arise, you’ll be able to answer them with accuracy because you know every little detail of your business plan. For any problems later on, you can just turn to the page that contains answers and make decisions based on the research findings of your plan. Try the traditional way of writing a business plan now, follow this 3-step, easy-to-use guide.


4) Enloop

Another excellent tool for business planning is Enloop. The accounting software is known for its efficient tools and services and has been in the industry for quite some time, assisting business in writing a professional plan for their startups.

Enloop is completely free – it does not have a trial period or expiry date. You can use it for your business plan needs for as long as you like. However, you also have to understand that there are features that may be missing. Here are some of its best features:

Check out more about the business plan software by reading our complete Enloop review.


5) StratPad

StratPad is a new business planning software, but definitely one of the most promising. It’s also the easiest software to use, so inexperienced and experienced entrepreneurs alike can use it with ease. StratPad provides its users with video and text instructions enabling them to learn how to use the software in no time.

StratPad’s most excellent features include the following:

Read more about the software, check out our StratPad review.


Wrapping up and Planning for Success

Wrapping Up and Starting a BusinessA business plan is not a mandatory requirement to start a business in Indiana, however, it is highly recommended.

Make sound business decisions by having something that you can go back to for reference. Leading your Indiana small business to success is not an easy job and the only thing that can help you ease this difficulty is if you make a solid business plan.

Whether you want to use the aforementioned business planning tools or not, as long as you’re convinced with the importance of a business plan, it’s more than enough. Place a business plan on top of your to-do list and you’ll be good to go! Good luck!

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