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5 Solid Resources for Writing a Business Plan in California

Write a Business Plan

When you think of a business plan, what’s the first thing that comes to your mind? Probably, the words “funding” and “capital”. While business plans are indeed tools that will help you gain financing from investors, its purpose goes beyond that.

A business plan is essential to gain a better understanding of how you’re going to build your business. You can manipulate and control the fate of your business by creating a solid business plan that will predict risks and future business problems and their corresponding solutions. You can also monitor the progress of your business based upon your plan.

Starting a business in California, or in any other state, requires so much – time, effort, resources – especially patience. But more than that, you need to have a concrete plan, a well laid out guide – the state of California is a bustling metropolis where there’s tight competition in the business industry, if you want to survive, a business plan is your only chance.

If you want to know how to start a business in California on the right foot, you need to learn how to write a business plan. However, if you want to have assistance, there are many business plan software solutions that you can use.

Here are 5 solid resources that you can try to write your business plan!


1) LivePlan

LivePlan is a cloud-based business plan software that will assist you in making the best and most professional plan for your California small business.

LivePlan is considered one of the best in the market, it’s a software that has been in the industry for quite a long time. Renowned for its quality features and affordable pricing, LivePlan is a sought-after business planning software that has captured the attention of many entrepreneurs.

Some of LivePlan’s most notable features include its share feature, collaboration tool, 10 beautiful themes, import tool and learning center. If you want to check out what it’ll be like to use this business plan software, read our review.


2) SBA’s Business Plan Template

The US Small Business Administration has prepared a special business plan template for all budding entrepreneurs who would like to start their California startup by making a solid business plan.

SBA’s Business Plan Template is created to give you a step-by-step guide on writing the best business plan for your company. It’s easy to use this tool, you simply have to sign-up for free and access it with your password anytime you feel like completing your plan – it’s basically that simple!

You can save your files in PDFs, update them from time to time and make them a reference for future business decisions. With the SBA Business Plan Template, you’re in full control while writing your business plan.

If you want to know more about the Business Plan Template, you can try it for free.


3) How to Write a Business Plan: A Quick Guide

The traditional way of writing a business plan is not outdated – it’s still the best way to make one! If you need a clear and compelling business plan for your California small business, Startup Savant’s Quick Guide may just be the right tool for you!

This Quick Guide is composed of 3 simple and easy-to-follow steps that you can use even if you don’t have prior experience in business plan writing. You’ll be able to know the different parts of a business plan that you need to write about – no need for software tools or professional guidance.

Learn more about this Quick Guide and build your traditional page business plan here!


4) Business Plan Pro

With over 10 years of solid experience in the business planning industry, Business Plan Pro is one of the premiere software solutions that many entrepreneurs trust.

Business Plan Pro has all the right features to assist you in writing a brief, but concise business plan. Its packages are priced at $99.95 to $159.95, although it’s a little more expensive than other software solutions, I guarantee you that you’ll get quality services.

Business Plan Pro’s notable features include practical learning resources, templates, wizards and automatic calculations, 500+ sample plans, a financial model and other functions.

See how your business plan will look like by checking out our Business Plan Pro review.


5) StratPad

StratPad belongs to the newer class of business plan software solutions. Although it’s not as experienced as Business Plan Pro, StratPad has an advantage when it comes to its modern and up-to-date features.

StratPad has four highly affordable and  straightforward package plans, priced at $8.25 to as much as $199.95 every month. Features include a downloadable business toolkit, automated financial statements, StratPad Connect and a compliance tool.

If you want to know more about StratPad, you can read our review.


Wrapping up and Planning for Success

Wrapping Up and Starting a BusinessIf you want to achieve certain business goals, lead your California startup to success, be more competitive and expand in the future, you definitely need a business plan. Writing a business plan is not a mandatory requirement when starting a small business in California, however, we highly recommend that you write one.

Whether you’re new in the industry or you’re an experienced entrepreneur, business planning is one major key to success. The 5 resources we’ve discussed above will even lead you closer to your dreams, look into each one and take advantage of the services they offer!

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