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10 Solid Reasons to Use LivePlan (And Never Look Back)

10 Solid Reasons You Should Use LivePlanWelcome, since you’re here looking for reasons to use LivePlan, or perhaps excuses there’s one thing we know: you’re wise and very fortunate because somehow you got keyed into the brand-boosting-benefits of the process!

Now,  I can tell you that LivePlan’s business planning software will help you stay focused, grow your business faster and make it easier to adjust to change…

That LivePlanning has become the difference for huge legions of entrepreneurs and startups…

That the process of setting priorities and both long/short-term milestones becomes so much smoother…

But maybe you need more reasons to use LivePlan? Maybe, like me, you’re a pretty tough sell when it comes to spending business capital.

When we’re done, there’s a special StartUp Savant affiliate link at the bottom that will give you 25% (plus the additional discount on the annual plan) off your first month so there’s no reason not to take the leap.

Let’s dive in.

Reason #1)

LivePlan = Easy Financials

LivePlan Example Financials Forecast

Believe it or not, as long as you have the core data LivePlan will whip up beautiful financial statements in minutes that are easy to digest and look over with others. For those that start businesses with ZERO financial/accounting/forecasting/biz-budgeting experience planning software like this can be what makes or breaks the bank.


Reason #2)

LivePlan Provides Expert Guidance

All good planning software providers have a certain level of training material for their target market (you), but LivePlan comes with their own vibe, style, and step-by-step approach vs cookie cutter “ecourses” and ultra-brief walkthroughs. Most of it was created in partnership with a legend in the biz-planning arena, Tim Berry.


Reason #3)

You Get Access to Over 500 Real Example Plans

LivePlan Business Plan Examples

I’ll be honest with you, one of the hardest parts is actually starting a business plan…especially when it’s not just for you and your team but to show to potential partners, CrowdFunding platforms, investors, venture capitalists, etc. Not only do you get access to over 500 real example plans, but when I say real I mean it. Most were submitted by successful entrepreneurs and startups in their community!


Reason #4)

You’ll Dramatically Increase Your Odds of Following Through

According to most of the studies I’ve seen from Ive League schools and business programs, a polished and refined doesn’t not mean your business is going to perform better. Does it increase the odds? Probably. What the data shows, unequivocally, is that those who plan are FAR more likely to follow through with their business ideas and take the bull by the horns. LivePlan has been the catalyst for many.


Reason #5)

Professional-Grade Pitch-Builder

Sample Executive Summary

LivePlan’s pitch-builder is epic because it breaks the process down into chunks and what you end up with is a presentation-ready pitch that you can curate and adapt over time. Keep in mind though that example is based on that particular theme, of which there are 10. But regardless of which template/theme you go with, your pitch will look good no matter what. Whether it sounds good and the numbers add up is another story…


Reason #6)

Streamlined Yet Savvy Monitoring

Example Business Plan Structure

To help you manage your business better, LivePlan’s dashboard is designed by UX experts to help you achieve better business performance. You get accounting software integration that keeps track of revenue goals, it’s well-organized, and ready to print or save in PDF format at the drop of a hat.


Reason #7)

Modern Cloud-Based Planning Software

LivePlan is compatible on any type of gadget, web browser and operating system and can run as long as a stable internet connection is in place. You don’t have to feel restricted and you can travel and have fun while working because you can access your plan anywhere, anytime. So can your team, speaking of which…


Reason #8)

Amazing Collaboration Features

LivePlan Collaborate Planning

Flat out, their collaboration functionality is awesome and perfectly integrated for multiple users so you can communicate in a mobile-friendly way where members/guests can edit, help format, leave comments, share insight and respond.


Reason #9)

The LivePlan Community

So far LivePlan’s community of startups, entrepreneurs, and enterprise is climbing near half a million. They also have a great blog that focuses on topics like their favorite customers, lean planning, growth and productivity hacks, and management tips.


Reason #10)

Straightforward & Transparent Subscription

LivePlan Pricing

LivePlan keeps it simple with one subscription plan which you can invest in monthly or annually. If you decide to go for the software’s monthly subscription, you’ll be able to take advantage of its discount so instead of paying $19.95 for the first month, you’ll only pay $14.95. Truly incredible. So, is that enough reasons to use LivePlan or at least head to the site and take advantage of their 60-day money back guarantee with FULL access.

Ready to Get Started?

Take the leap and start planning your business with LivePlan. Use our LivePlan promo code or learn more about the software in our review. Enjoy!

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