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Rainmaker Platform Review: Is It Worth It?

Rainmaker Platform ReviewsRainmaker is an all-in-one marketing tool and website builder that takes your online presence up a notch (while staying on a budget).

If you’re a blogger, startup company, established small business or online magazine, Rainmaker allows you to build a powerful online presence without the need to go out and use outside tools. It features powerful tools for SEO, podcasting, forums, product creation, and online marketing education to help you learn how to grow your business.

However I don’t think Rainmaker is right for everyone and there are many things you should know about the online marketing software. Read through this Rainmaker Platform review and I’m 100% confident you’ll know if this tool is for you.

Quick Note: Finding the right tools to grow your business is like deciding on a wardrobe before going on a first date. You have to try everything on and look in the mirror before knowing if it’s ‘date ready’. To help decide if Rainmaker is actually right for you, try it free for 14 days and test the features out.

What You Need to Know About Rainmaker

Before I list the pros of Rainmaker, I think it’s important to remember that this is a marketing software created by Copyblogger who has been building online marketing tools for years. All of these tools have been perfected and added into this single tool.

Rainmaker pros:

1) A constantly updated SEO tool called Scribe Content that lets you optimize for rank-able keywords, conduct strategic outreach, and more. This tool is sold separately by Copyblogger for $97 a month.

2) Lightning fast website for a smooth user experience and great for SEO. This speed and hosting is sold separately by Copyblogger through their hosting product Synthesis for $47-$300 a month.

3) Solid website security through a software called Sucuri which is sold separately for $199 a year.

4) 30 simple, clean, and professional website templates from StudioPress. The package for all StudioPress themes is sold separately for $399.99 – one time)

5) Unlimited access to Authority, a constantly updated training course by Copyblogger that gives you the knowledge you need to succeed online. Become a master of email marketing, conversion rates, landing pages, SEO, and all other aspects to being a successful online marketer. (Authority is sold separately for $399 a year)

6) The ability to create membership websites. This was the purpose for Startup University and we’re thrilled with the end result. As opposed to using a membership site software like MemberPress which is $100-$199 a year, you get the same capabilities and more with your Rainmaker website.

7) Unlimited landing pages that you can A/B test and customize yourself or use gorgeous pre-built templates. A product comparison to this Rainmaker feature is a solid $37-$97 per month saved if you were to use a tool like LeadPages.

8) Sleek dashboard that doesn’t overwhelm. As an admin, you’ll be able to quickly find what you need an get work done without the clutter of a traditional WordPress dashboard.

9) All themes are mobile responsive. It doesn’t matter if your readers are on a tablet, smartphone, or computer – your website will look great and impress every visitor.

10) Podcast publishing made easy. You can host and publish your very own podcast and forum to grow your audience.

11) A Learning Management System for online courses. If you’re looking to start an online teaching business, this feature alone is worth drooling over. (feature available to Rainmaker Pro accounts only)

12) Build an army of affiliates to sell your product with a built in affiliate program and tracking. Everything is handled by the software so there is no confusion.

13) Easily create products with the Setup Wizard. It literally took me 2 minutes to set up Startup University as a product.

14) Easy website setup. You won’t tinker with Rainmaker for an eternity. Your website is easy to navigate and build within a few hours. No tech skills required.

15) Beautiful contact forms. Contact forms are already set up inside Rainmaker and can be used with a simple shortcode. No need to publish your email address for all the world (and spammers) to see.

16) Control comments on your website. You can turn comments on or off in each specific post, page, or podcast.

17) Email marketing integration. When people purchase your product through your Rainmaker site you can send them to a list or autoresponder via MailChimp, AWeber, or Infusionsoft.

18) Very intuitive interface. Have you ever watch someone use an iPad without ever touching it before? They get it instantly because Apple makes very intuitive products. And so did Copyblogger with Rainmaker. It’s much easier to use than any other website builder I have used before. Especially WordPress.

19) Gorgeous order forms. I’ve seen some ugly checkout pages and was really pleased how their order forms looked. This fact alone has a direct impact on how many people purchase your product.

20) Drip content without hassle. Sometimes we need a break. Let’s say it’s Tuesday and you need to take the rest of the week off for some family time. With Rainmaker you can schedule and drip content without a second thought inside your site content schedule. And for a membership website, you can set it up to where new users only gain access after 14 days (for example). This keeps people subscribed longer and helps you generate more revenue.

21) Awesome customer support. I personally am not a tech guy and there were a couple times when I was building Startup University I needed some help. The support team was very patient and ended up sending me custom step-by-step instructions. A+!

22) Solid knowledge base. Although Rainmaker is very easy to use and intuitive, you’ll likely have some questions. Find the answers you need in their knowledge base with step by step guides and webinars.

23) Easy payment processing setup. If you’re wanting to take payments for a product, you can directly integrate Stripe and many more payment processing systems. I set up payment processing for Startup University in about 90 seconds.

24) Set up special coupons for your most loyal readers or for special promotions. This is a great way to increase revenue in a short period of time and build your customer base.

25) Use short-codes for added customization. If you’re selling a digital product you can add a customized and welcoming vibe by adding their name. Instead of seeing “Welcome” they’ll see “Welcome John”.

Rainmaker cons:

1) No ability to install outside WordPress plugins. This is a big con for me personally, since there are a couple plugins I’m madly in love with that aren’t associated with Rainmaker. However you might not see a problem with this limitation because Rainmaker platform does after all offer all necessities.

2) Limited email marketing integration. You can only integrate a MailChimp, AWeber, or Infusionsoft email marketing software to Rainmaker. If you’re using another email marketing tool, you might need to switch over to one of them like I did.

3) Limited customization. Even though all 30 themes are gorgeous, you might want to have a more custom site. This might prove expensive or difficult if you were to do it yourself or hire a professional.

4) No “Pause or Restart” option in your subscription settings. Sometimes things come up and we have to pause our subscriptions. Currently, there is no pause ability for your Rainmaker subscription.


Rainmaker Pricing & How Much You Save

Rainmaker Platform Reviews

Rainmaker Platform Pricing

Try Rainmaker 14 days, free of charge

See if it works for you. Cancel anytime if you decide to move on.

Is Rainmaker Right for You?

Get Your Online PresenceNow that we’ve taken a quick look inside Rainmaker and talked about the pros and cons, you’ve probably got a good idea if the platform is right for you.

Rainmaker is right for you if:


Here’s What Other Serious Marketers Are Saying

I come from WordPress and for me Rainmaker was like switching from PC to Mac: a much smoother experience and big amounts of time and energy saved from not having to bother with under-the-hood stuff. And the strange paradox is, you can actually do a lot more with Rainmaker than with just WordPress and plugins.

– Jelle Annaars

I recently moved to the Rainmaker platform, because I wanted to work more on my business, and less on the details of maintaining a website. I can create all different types of content, like private membership forums, podcasts, and more. It’s just push-button simple to get most things started. I vouch for it. I trust my business to it. I believe in the company who supports it. Get some.

– Chris Brogan

I got tired of fumbling around with the technical side of WordPress. I found myself spending more time ‘tweaking’ things than actually publishing. With Rainmaker I don’t have to worry about that. The technical stuff is taken care of, yet it still gives me enough flexibility to be unique. Rainmaker does exactly what it’s supposed to do.

– Chris M. Cloutier

Learn from my mistakes, start with Rainmaker platform.

– Jason Hobbs

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