3 QuickBooks Alternatives You Need to See

Best Small Business Accounting SoftwareWelcome, in this article you’re going to be introduced to three great QuickBooks alternatives.

While the accounting software is used and adored by countless brands and entrepreneurs, it’s not for everyone. Nothing ever is. And so with that, let’s jump right in. We’re just going to touch on these alternatives then give you links so you can followup on one or all three.


$6.30 to $49/month

Xero is an excellent accounting software trusted by over 500,000 subscribers. It doesn’t matter if you’re a small business owner, freelancer, accountant or bookkeeper, Xero helps keep your books under control. In addition to that, Xero has unofficially been labeled the best QuickBooks alternative by many of our users.

Here are Xero’s best features:

  • Free QuickBooks conversion.
  • Cloud-based which means you can use it anytime/anywhere you want.
  • Multi-user features.
  • Bank reconciliation tools.
  • Generated financial reports.
  • Top data security.

$8.96 to $35.96/month

FreshBooks is a one-of-a-kind accounting software, considered to be the most comprehensive and easy-to-use. It has all the time-saving tools that you need to keep track of your company’s finances.

Here are some of the best FreshBooks features:

  • Create, customize and send any type of invoice in a couple clicks.
  • Full payment history feature with helpful data displays.
  • Expense tracking tool which helps you secure and organize your cash flow.
  • Time tracking tool to monitor work hours.
  • Mobile app which has all the tools you need.

$20 to $49/month

LessAccounting is relatively new accounting software, but has financial tools, pricing, and an overall platform people are enjoy. LessAccounting’s simplicity makes it a good QuickBooks alternative.

Let’s take a closer look at the accounting software’s best features.

  • Record and categorize your business expenses through the expense tracking tool.
  • Send invoices in one click.
  • Mileage tool allowing you to track your work hours outside the office.
  • Robust CRM for your contacts.
  • Import data tool for bank and credit card information.
  • Allows integration of third party applications.

Need The Best Accounting Software?

Winner - Which Should You ChooseWhen choosing an accounting software, well, you just have to do research until you figure out the right one.

You can read reviews, check out user reviews, and take them for a test drive with the free trials. At the end of the day, choose the small business accounting software that makes you feel most comfortable, that’s easiest for you to use and fits your budget.

Both FreshBooks and LessAccounting are stellar and very viable options, but as mentioned, we use Xero and can’t see ever switching providers. They just give us the most for our investment.