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32 Proven Resources for Starting a Business in Alabama

5 Best Practices for Starting a Business

When starting a business in Alabama, you need to get ready for the road ahead. It requires time and effort, and most of all the right resources.

However, as an Alabama entrepreneur, you can take some practical steps that will bring your idea to life in an easier and more cost-effective way. By using a number of resources, you can significantly improve the way you start your business.

There are a lot of Alabama startup resources you can use today. The key here is to find and use resources that will be invaluable to your business. Resources that will jumpstart your business effectively in the soonest time. The sooner you are able to start your business on the right track, the higher your chances are for long term success.


Best Alabama Small Business Resources

Small business resources in Alabama, especially those spearheaded by a government initiative or are in collaboration with state agencies, are a great place for you to get started.

From periodic updates to standard business startup information, how-to guides, business counseling and mentoring, and even local funding assistance, you can find it in these kinds of resources. Here is a list of the top Alabama startup resources you should check out.

1) Alabama Small Business Resource Guide

This guide on how to start a business in Alabama will help you organize and prioritize tasks. From each step on what to do to get started to government agencies and departments where you can comply the necessary paperwork and documentation to all vital information relating to business startups – this is a great starting point.

2) The Alabama District Office of the SBA

In line with the primary goal of the SBA, the Alabama District Office provides a variety of business assistance for small business in the state. From starting and managing a business successfully, loan and grant assistance to business resources, templates, and tools, everything is under one roof.

3) Alabama Small Business Development Network

Business counseling and mentoring have been made easier to access for startup entrepreneurs through the Alabama SBDN. Geared towards providing expert counseling and training to entrepreneurs as well as providing comprehensive information and services free of charge or for a very minimal fee.

4) Women’s Business Center of North Alabama

From tips on getting a business started to how-to guides to various useful resources, the Women’s Business Center of North Alabama is a goldmine of information for women who are out to venture into entrepreneurship the first time.

5) The HUD’s Small Business Development Centers in Alabama

The Housing and Urban Development of Alabama has an index of state agencies, associations, and organizations that can assist new entrepreneurs with various programs and resources when starting an Alabama business.

6) Alabama Department of Commerce

The Alabama Department of Commerce also provides a wide range of assistance services to startup entrepreneurs to become successful in their venture. Providing information on federal, statewide and regional resources, creating, and local development partnerships, you can be well equipped to start your business.

7) Alabama State University Small Business Development Center

From one-on-one counseling for business development, business financing, government contracting, and educational training, the ASU SBDC gives both managerial and technical assistance for small businesses in Alabama.

8) Birmingham Business Alliance

The Birmingham Business Alliance provides new and startup entrepreneurs with a pool of business development resources vital to the growth and progress of businesses in Alabama.

9) Alabama Department of Labor

The Alabama Department of Labor also helps boost the growth of small business enterprises through a complete list of all information you will need as you get started on a business. From key questions to ask yourself before starting your business to resources to eventually get started, a lot of great information is provided by the Alabama DOL.

10) Birmingham Public Library Small Business Resource Guide

The Birmingham Public Library features a special section all about small business resource guides in its website, showing the most important resources you can visit when you’re looking for a standard guide on business formation.



When you start a business in Alabama, how-to guides are a startup resource that you should never overlook. Sometimes, in the haste to get started, entrepreneurs fail to see that a simple how-to guide can make a huge impact on the ease of getting started.

I have come up with how-to guides for the formation of businesses with different structures and a few other how-to guides when it comes to other aspects of your new business. These guides are by no means mandatory for you to follow, but if you take the time to check them out, you’ll see that they were made to make your life easier as an entrepreneur.

1) How to Start a Business in Alabama

This guide outlines the basic steps on how to start a business in Alabama even without previous experience.

2) How to Form an LLC in Alabama

If you’re looking to form an LLC in Alabama, you can check out this concise guide on how to go about it. This guide also has a number of official state links to help you get started.

3) How to File a DBA in Alabama

When you’re an entrepreneur looking to use another name to conduct business in Alabama, then this guide on DBA filing will be useful to you.

4) How to Finance a Business in Alabama

When it comes to financing a business, it’s better to always consider your prospects first before plunging head on. Use this guide to learn how to finance your Alabama business.

5) How to Get an Alabama Registered Agent

A Registered Agent in Alabama holds an important position in the operations of your business, so make sure to find the right one with this how-to guide.

6) How to Form a Corporation in Alabama

Use this guide so you can form a Corporation in Alabama in no time. With the basic steps and a number of useful resources, you can get started right away with less stress and more time for the actual operations of your business.

7) How to Incorporate in Alabama

One of the more important tasks of forming an Alabama business, learn how to legally incorporate your business with the help of this guide.



If you’re a new entrepreneur who is out to make a mark as an entrepreneur and run your own successful business, these general startup resources are a must. Whether it’s business counseling you need, assistance in accomplishing various business tasks, comprehensive how-to guides, or even daily inspiration, these general resources should be on your resource list.


New entrepreneurs stand a better chance at bringing their business to success through business expert counseling from seasoned mentors who have the portfolio and experience to share valuable knowledge about each and every aspect of building a business from the ground up.

2) SBA

A federal government initiative with various district offices, the US SBA was formed for the explicit purpose of offering the most comprehensive assistance for small business entrepreneurs across the country.

3) Startup Savant

Is an online business magazine guide that provides a plethora of business-related information from forming businesses with different structures, to support guides on every facet of the business, and even life hacks and inspirational stories to gear you for business success.


An online magazine, fills you in on every aspect that has to do with being a business owner. Every imaginable how-to on small businesses is in this online magazine.

5) AllBusiness

AllBusiness is the largest online resource for small businesses. With resources and tools that cover all areas of starting, growing, and maintaining a business startup.

6) Wealthy Gorilla

An inspirational blog, Wealthy Gorilla is all about caring for your well-being and self-improvement as an individual so that even if you’re bent on becoming a successful entrepreneur, you won’t burn out in the process. Highly recommended.



Every facet of the business startup process is important, but finding the capital needed to build your business up from a business idea into a real working venture is critical to its immediate success.

Seldom are situations when a startup entrepreneur can fully fund their business with their own money. More often, external financial assistance by way of loan programs, grants, and other means is used. Aside from borrowing from relatives and friends, below is a list of the most viable funding options when starting an Alabama small business.

1) Learn How to Finance a Business in Alabama

Before anything else, read up on your options when looking for ways to finance a business in Alabama. Use this guide to learn and apply what you have learned.

2) Alabama Small Business Grants

With a plethora of small business grants you can apply for business funding, this option might be the key to starting a business in Alabama. For some small business grant considerations, check the Alabama Grantwatch.

3) Alabama Angel Investors

Angel investors in Alabama are always on the lookout for great business ideas that can become profitable, and with the help of these investors, you can raise the capital needed to fund your Alabama business.

4) Alabama Crowdfunding

For crowdfunding a business startup, you can head on to Kickstarter to help raise the capital you need. This crowdfunding platform allows for the entrepreneur to present their business idea and get the capital needed from the right crowd who’s willing to give a helping hand by donating until the goal is reached.

5) Alabama Loan Programs

Several institutions and agencies feature loan programs you can consider as an Alabama entrepreneur. Head on to these financing resources if you’re considering using this option to finance your business.


Alabama Startup Incubators

As a startup entrepreneur, you can get all the help you can in starting and growing an Alabama business through startup incubators. It is the primary goal of startup incubators to speed up the process up for startups and early-stage businesses by offering a plethora of goods and services essential to start a business.

Many of these include office rental spaces that feature complete access to office amenities and an incubator support staff. For this reason, incubators also have a wide pool of network referrals running from opportunities to network with other entrepreneurs to business mentorship to a good path to finding the right financing.

A startup incubator is considered a one-stop solution, and it should be worth your consideration whether you just need general startup assistance or you’re looking to find the right investor for your startup.

1) Northeast Alabama Entrepreneurial System

A non-profit corporation, the NAES, more popularly known as the Entrepreneurial Center, provides startup incubator assistance for light manufacturing enterprises and startup services. The Entrepreneurial Center offers a plethora of services from turnkey space and business counseling and support.

2) Auburn Business Incubator

A full service incubator, the Auburn Business Incubator assists entrepreneurs have a sustainable and full developed business with a solid financial foundation. This incubator links you to a vast network of services through community and university sources.

3) Bessemer Business Incubation System

The Bessemer Business Incubation System is another full-service incubator in Alabama for businesses in the field of wholesale, light industrial, manufacturing, distribution and information. What’s special about Bessemer is that it can provide assistance to build a facility for the entrepreneur or move you to some of the industrial parks available in the area.

4) The Incubation Depot

The Incubation Depot is an incubation facility that offers services in the areas of life sciences, information technology, biotechnology and service businesses. It also has a number of financing experts, small business counselors, and other experts in the field of business to provide instant help to entrepreneurs.

5) Wiregrass Incubator Alliance

In the Southeast Alabama area, Wiregrass Incubator Alliance has a variety of support services for startup businesses ranging from flexible leases, business training, support programs, and more. This incubator alliance is composed of five incubators from various counties.


Wrapping Up on Starting a Business in Alabama

Wrapping Up and Starting a BusinessStart the various stages of starting your business with the best resources out there. Although these resources are not mandatory, the opportunity to starting an Alabama small business using these will be worth your while.

Perhaps the greatest advantage of these resources is it gives you the chance to equally divide your time between tasks and responsibilities, giving you a better grasp not only at starting your business successfully, but also making sure that it’s on the right path to progress.

At the end of the day, these startup resources are just the beginning. When you’ve started your business, maintain the successful pace you have followed and keep on learning, acquiring, and picking up new business skills to counter distractions, stay afloat despite competition, and adapt to changing trends. If you can create a solid plan and evolve it over time, you’re on your way to becoming a successful business owner.

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