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Pinterest For Business 101: The Only Guide You’ll Ever Need

Pinterest 101 for businessYou can’t deny the power of social media in the process of marketing your new business. We have seen business marketing successes using different social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

It’s no surprise that a lot of businesses have come to social media for brand awareness and customer acquisition. After all, social media marketing is cheaper than your typical advertisements but give you the results you want for your business.

The most common social media platform used by most adults online remains to be Facebook. However, you can’t deny that other social media platforms have also gained ground in terms of their growing number of users.

The more important thing to keep in mind though is that they have a niche market different from Facebook and Twitter. In this guide we’re going to talk about Pinterest. According to a survey done by Pew Research, 21% of online adults use Pinterest, 33% of whom are women, and tend to be more active users.

If this isn’t enough to convince you that Pinterest could be great for your business, then you should take a look at this infographic made by Wishpond.

At the bottom, if you decide it is right for your business, we’ll dive in and learn how you can get the benefits of Pinterest and take marketing to the next level.

Pinterest Infographic

Now that you know why Pinterest is great for your business, let’s go to the what and the how. What is Pinterest, really? How does it work and how do you use Pinterest for marketing? Note: Learning how to market a business on Pinterest isn’t difficult. Just like choosing a service to register your business, it can be done after a little bit of research.

First, you should know that Pinterest works as a virtual cork board. It works a lot like when you pin something you like on your real life cork board. Pinterest users create their own boards for the things they want to “pin” (post).

Unlike Facebook users who are interested with their friends’ lives or Twitter users who are interested with news and current events, Pinterest are interested in lifestyle. They create boards that suit their style and taste for things that they find interesting. That being said, if you’re using Pinterest for business, you should know that your brand must be seen as part of the users’ lifestyle.

Pinterest for business

Etsy, for example, is one of the most popular Pinterest business accounts. They have over 90 boards catering to different lifestyle choices such as fashion, interior design, pets, beauty, etc. Etsy has every lifestyle choice for anyone on Pinterest.

Etsy Pinterest

I know you’re excited to learn more about Pinterest marketing and we’ll get more of that later on. Right now, let’s start with the basics and learn the basics of starting your business Pinterest account.

Personal and business accounts on Pinterest are very similar except for a few things. First, Pinterest requires that ANY account that wants to use Pinterest for commercial purposes to create a business account, not a personal one.

Second, as a business with a business account, Pinterest allows you to sign up with your business name. And third, Pinterest offers educational materials for businesses on Pinterest marketing.


How to set up a Pinterest account for your business

So, how do you set up a business account on Pinterest? If you already have a personal account and want to convert it into a business account, go to and click “Convert Here.”

If not, skip this step and we’ll show you how to dive into creating a business account below.

Pinterest Business Page

You’ll then be redirected to a page where you would have to fill up a form about your business.

Then, select what type of business you are.

Pinterest for business

Answer the rest of the form.

Pinterest for business

And agree to Pinterest terms of service and press the ‘Convert’ button.

Pinterest business account

Your personal account will then be converted to a business account.

However, if you are creating a new account for your business, you would have to go to and click the “Join as Business” button.

Start your Pinterest business account

You will be redirected to a page where you will fill-up a form similar to the form for converting personal accounts into business accounts. Make sure to fill-up all information needed and agree to Pinterest terms and services.

Pinterest business settings

Set up your business Pinterest info

Don’t forget to confirm your e-mail! If you don’t see it in your inbox, check your spam folder.

Confirm your Pinterest email


Verify your business website

Next, you have to verify your website. Verifying your website will allow users to see that you’re a real business. How do you verify your website?

1) Go to your profile and click on the pencil icon. You’ll find this on the box that contains your profile photo and name.Business for Pinterest

2) Enter your website url and click verify.

Pinterest for business

3) Download the verification file and upload on your website. Or verify with a meta tag.

Verify your website

4) Once you have a verified website, there will be a check mark next to your boards and your profile so users will see that your Pinterest account is the official account for your business. When users search for your brand, they will automatically see your official account.

This is an example from Etsy’s account:

Etsy Pinterest

Now that you’ve finished verifying your business account, you can start pinning! Pinterest lets you to pin images from different websites in an easier way. There’s no need to save images and upload to your own Pinterest account. By installing the Pinterest button, you can pin directly from a website and it will automatically upload to one of your boards. Here’s how:

1) Install the Pinterest button to your browser. If you are a Google Chrome user, just click here and download the Pin It button by clicking “Free.”

Pinterest Chrome Download

You’ll then be asked if you want to add the Pin It Button. Click ‘Add’.

Add Pin Button

After successfully adding the Pin It Button, you will see it at the upper right hand corner of your browser, beside the address bar:

Pinterest for business

If you are using other browsers, just go to and follow the instructions on how to install the Pin It Button. (You can also add the Pin It Button to your Android and iOS devices.)

By having the Pin It Button, it’ll be very easy for you to pin images from a website (your business website or other website) to your Pinterest boards. There will be no need to go to Pinterest and upload the image. For example, if you are at Etsy’s page and you would like to pin some images, just click on the Pin It Button and the website will go from this:

Pinterest for business 101

To this:

Business Pinterest

If you hoover over an image you’d like to pin to your board, you’ll see the Pin It button:

Etsy for Pinterest

And by clicking it, a new window will pop up that will allow you to choose the board where you would like to pin your image. Cool, right?

Pinterest for business

Or, if you don’t have a board yet or would want to create a new board especially for your image, you can choose to create a new board. Click on the drop down menu, type in the name of the new board, and click the create button. After successfully creating a new board, your new board will appear on the list of your boards and you may now pin your image.

Choose a Pinterest board

Then, after installing the Pin It Button to your browser, it’s time to drive traffic back to your website. You can do so by installing a Pin It Button to your website. By doing so, you encourage your webpage visitors to share from your website to their Pinterest accounts. You can go here and follow instructions on how to add the button to your website.

Drive traffic with Pinterest

Depending on how you code your website, you should easily see your Pin It Button after successfully installing it. In Etsy’s case, for example, you see the Pin It Button beside each item you’re viewing.

Installing a Pinterest button

Now, it’s time to grow your audience. Make people follow your Pinterest boards by adding a follow button to your website. Again, you can do this by going here and clicking on the follow button. The page will let you to customize your button really quickly. Just fill in the details and click the Build It button:

Widget builder on Pinterest

You will then be able to preview your button and be given the code for your website. Just copy the code to your html file and the same button will appear on your website. Remember, you can also add a Pin Widget, Profile Widget, and Board Widget on your site.

They are not necessary but can help in your brand marketing. However, I’d recommend you get the Pin It Buttons to drive traffic to your website and grow your audience.

Pinterest follow button

How to use Pinterest for Business

So we’ve finished creating your account and some basics of Pinterest. It’s time to learn how to use Pinterest for Business. How can your Pinterest account be of help to your newly established business? What are some basic strategies you have to know to have a successful Pinterest business account?

Here are 12 simple tips to help you out:

1) Build more boards that will cater to specific wants and needs of your audience. If you are a retail store, for example, you can create a board for “Men’s Clothing” and “Women’s Clothing” but also, create more boards that are more specific.

For example, You can create boards for “Scarves” “Skirts” “Shirts” “Pants” “Dresses” etc. By doing this, you create niche boards for audiences who are looking for more specific things. If you see Etsy’s account, they have different boards for gift items: gifts for her, gifts that gleam and glitter, warm and cozy gifts, etc.

Pinterest for business

2) Know what people are talking about and join the discussion. Know what is trending and join the bandwagon.

3) Use keywords in your pins. Learn your SEO and hashtags. Remember that users use keywords to search and using proper SEO and hashtags can give your pins more views, likes, and repins. For example, if you are pinning some do-it- yourself projects, don’t forget to put in “DIY” in your pins so that it will be seen when users search for DIY.

Business for Pinterest

4) Follow popular accounts in Pinterest. Just like Twitter, following people with a big following can help boost your own following as well. How? It increases your chances for them to follow you back or to repin, like, or comment on your pins. This will allow your pins bigger exposure.

5) Link your website url in every pin. This will allow your followers to go directly to your website to find out more about you or your products.

6) Post good and original images. Make sure you don’t post pixelated, low resolution photos. Remember, your photos represent your business and your products, so you don’t want unprofessional photos. Also, Pinterest is a visual form of social media. Users repin based on the photo and not on the caption.

7) Make your images shareable. In connection to number 6, don’t put big watermarks on your photos. Users would rarely want to repin those. Pinterest users don’t want to see advertising straight in their faces. Keep your advertising subtle and organic.

8) Engage and interact with your audience. Talk to your audience by replying to their comments or by creating a contest for them. You can also make them your guest pinner to show them you are interested in what they pin and that you trust them to pin for you.

Pin found on Etsy

9) Repin from others. Although most of your content should be original, you can repin from others from time to time. This should make your account more interesting and also allows engagement with other users.

10) Tell your story and show your brand personality. What is your brand about? Why would your products fit into people’s lifestyles? Why would they want you in your life? What are you about? Open up to your audience so they can open up to you, too.

11) Monitor your Pinterest insights. The biggest mistake in social media marketing is not being able to monitor your insights. Pinterest now has a Pinterest Analytics where you can see and monitor about your pins and boards.

With Pinterest Analytics, you can track your activity and find out how many people are pinning from your website, how many are seeing your pins, and how many are clicking your content. You can also pick a timeframe to see how your numbers trend over time

Pinterest AnalyticsPinterest Analytics will also let you see what your audience likes about you the most — your most repinned and most clicked pins. By monitoring your Pinterest account, you’re able to see if your strategy is effective or not.

This allows you to reflect on your Pinterest marketing strategy and see whether you should continue with it or change it. Monitoring your Pinterest Analytics will give you a sense on how your business is doing with its social media marketing and gives you an idea of your successes and failures.

12) Set your goals and strategize. This is probably one of the most important things you should do, even before setting up your Pinterest account. What do you want? Where do you want to see your business? How will you reach your audience in Pinterest? Know your goals and strategize to reach those goals.


Moving forward with your new Business Pinterest

Now, after learning what you should do, here’s a list of what you shouldn’t do in Pinterest:

1) Failing to complete your profile. An incomplete profile will make your brand unprofessional and lazy.

2) Pinning too much. Yes, there’s such a thing as pinning too much. It’s like spamming. Pin regularly but also, pin in moderation. Don’t overwhelm your audience by pinning 20 pins in 5 minutes. There’s also such a thing as social media prime time. Know when most people are online and when they can see your pins.

3) Abusing #hashtags. While we encourage you to use proper hashtags, #dont #use #a #lot #of #them #that #will #look #like #you’re #spamming.

4) Forget traditional and offline marketing. As with other social media marketing, Pinterest is only a tool for your business growth and should not be the platform for your marketing. It should help and enhance the strategies you already have but shouldn’t be the center of your marketing.

5) Pinning anything and everything. Remember to only pin images that are about your business and that would interest your audience. Don’t forget to think of your brand and your audience when thinking about what to pin.

After learning the why, what, and how of Pinterest and using it for your business, do you think you’re ready to start pinning? Do not be scared of Pinterest. It can be overwhelming at the beginning, especially for new users, but once you get the hang of it, you might never want to stop pinning on your boards.

Keep in mind that you need to ask yourself, like all other platforms available out there, whether Pinterest really suits your brand. If it does, then you should learn how to use Pinterest to your advantage and learn how to use it well. Like all other marketing, set your goals and work towards those goals. If you think your strategies aren’t working, don’t be afraid to change strategies.

Remember, too, that social media is ever changing. Whatever trends today may no longer trend tomorrow and whatever tools you have today may change tomorrow. So don’t forget to always update yourself and continue learning about different social media platforms.

Start pinning today and see the difference it will make!

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