Northwest Registered Agent vs IncFile Which is Right for You?

Are you prepared to start your own limited liability company (LLC), but you can’t decide which service provider to hire for assistance? Northwest Registered Agent and IncFile are among the top LLC services available online, but how do you decide which one is the right choice for your new business?

In this Northwest Registered Agent vs IncFile comparison, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about these two service providers in order to make an informed decision for your company.

While they do provide very similar features and services, there are also some crucial differences that set them apart. Which one should you use? By the time you’re done reading, I think you’ll know which one’s for you!

We Recommend:

Incfile - 4.7 out of 5 stars
Incfile ($49 + State Fees) 

Northwest and IncFile Commonalities

With either one of these highly respected service providers, you’ll receive reliable LLC formation service with some valuable extra features. You won’t need to dive in and learn every detail of forming an LLC yourself — they’ll take care of every step in the formation process, leaving you free to actually run your new company!

Check out the common ground Northwest Registered Agent shares with IncFile as an LLC formation service provider:

  • Both of these companies have plenty of experience and knowhow. They’ll get the job done right the first time!
  • When it comes to the cost of your LLC formation, Northwest Registered Agent and IncFile are two of the most affordable options around.
  • IncFile and Northwest Registered Agent both include a full year of registered agent service with any LLC formation package. It’s a great bargain that not a whole lot of other service providers offer, especially in their base-rate packages.
  • If you would like them to help with other LLC formation and maintenance processes, both Northwest and IncFile offer robust suites of business services to help you stay compliant down the line.
  • Both of these highly professional service providers have top-quality customer service departments staffed with knowledgeable and friendly support reps.
  • With either company, you’ll have access to a user-friendly website full of info, service options, and helpful tips. Additionally, both sites are quite safe with comprehensive security measures in place.

What Sets Them Apart

  • Client Volume: Simply put, IncFile is a major service provider, with over 150,000 businesses formed since 2004. Northwest Registered Agent also has a solid amount of experience and a strong reputation, but they don’t have nearly the level of experience that IncFile does.
  • Customer Reviews: While both companies have mostly positive feedback from their clients, there is a major difference when it comes to the volume of reviews. Namely, IncFile has thousands of online customer reviews available for you to peruse, while Northwest Registered Agent has a few dozen.
  • Extra Features: IncFile’s real-time order status tracker tool is a convenient and aesthetically pleasing way to keep track of the exact status of your order. This feature is exclusive to IncFile, as is their free business tax consultation with any LLC formation service purchase.

Pricing and Turnaround Times

Northwest Registered Agent Starts at $49

Northwest Registered Agent offers their customers three different options for LLC formation service, which start at the low rate of $49.

The aptly named Basic package includes all the essentials of LLC formation. You’ll receive a business name availability check with your state, and they’ll prepare and file your new company’s articles of organization. In addition, Northwest Registered Agent lives up to their name by including a full year of their premium registered agent service. They’ll receive your important legal papers, scan them locally, then forward them to you — an important service for your ongoing compliance requirements.

What does the Deluxe package add, aside from an extra $100? You’ll get an operating agreement, which lays out in detail some important business practices of your LLC. In addition, you receive a federal tax ID number (EIN), which you’ll need if you want to hire employees, or open a business checking account.


IncFile Starts at $49

IncFile also has three packages for their LLC formation customers to choose from.

Incfile Pricing LLC

IncFile starts things off with the Silver package, which includes the preparation and filing of your formation articles, along with a full year of registered agent service — just like Northwest Registered Agent’s Basic package. In addition though, you also receive a business tax consultation, which is a feature Northwest doesn’t offer.

If you step up to the Gold package, which is an extra $100 on top of the Silver tier, you’ll get an EIN, an operating agreement, and a symbolic LLC kit and seal to organize and authenticate company documents. Finally, if you splurge for the additional $150 beyond the Gold package to get their Platinum package, you’ll get a library of sample legal forms, plus a business website and domain name (although you will still be responsible for hosting fees).


While IncFile certainly has some inviting options in their own right, I still think Northwest Registered Agent’s Basic package suits the needs of most new LLCs. The only aspect of IncFile’s comparable package that Northwest doesn’t include in theirs is the business tax consultation, which to be honest I’m not sure all that many LLCs really need — unless you’re looking to be taxed like a corporation or partnership, LLC taxes are fairly simple.

Customer Reviews

When it comes to their customer feedback, both IncFile and Northwest Registered Agent do quite well, although there are still some key differences in their reviews. There are several dozen customer reviews for Northwest Registered Agent, and most of them are overwhelmingly positive in nature. Northwest’s clients like to talk about the great customer service they receive, as well as how simple they make the entire formation process.

“They are very responsive to emails and very professional to work with! I had a challenge logging into my account and they assisted me immediately. Hayden was very quick to respond to my emails and even found I had overpaid my account and assisted me to fix the error. It was a fantastic experience! They are definitely NOT annoying!”

- Andrea Clarke

While Northwest Registered Agent has a few dozen of these positive reviews, IncFile has thousands. Like Northwest, IncFile maintains strong average review scores — they just have way more of them to look through! In among their thousands of positive reviews, any negative reviews are few and far between. Their happy customers love the value they get for their low prices, and they also seem quite impressed with how quickly IncFile works.

“This company is definitely in my list of trusted companies by now. The services are quick and provided in an extremely professional manner allowing me to focus on my business. The UX of the online dashboard is clean and easy to understand. Highly recommended.”

- Binoy M.

There’s certainly nothing wrong with Northwest Registered Agent’s customer reviews — in fact, against just about any other company, they would have a clear advantage in this area. However, IncFile isn’t just “any other company,” they’re a company with an elite reputation among their clients! If customer reviews weigh heavily in your decision-making process, it would be tough to say no to what IncFile has to offer.

Which Should You Choose?

Winner - Which Should You ChooseAt the end of the day, Northwest Registered Agent has lower prices than IncFile does, and their top-notch customer support network is an advantage as well. However, if it’s important to you to look through a large volume of positive customer reviews, IncFile does have an advantage of their own in that area.

Honestly, either one of these companies will do a great job forming your LLC, and they’ll do so at a reasonable, affordable rate. Either way, you’re saving loads of money over hiring a business attorney to form your company — or even hiring just about any other LLC formation service, for that matter.

No matter which one you select to help you form your LLC, I’m confident that you’ll be happy with your decision. Good luck!