3 Nextiva Alternatives Specific For Your Business Needs

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If you’re ready to acquire business phone service, but you’re not quite ready to choose Nextiva as your service provider, you’re in the right place.

This Nextiva alternatives guide walks you through the details of some of their primary competitors: Grasshopper, RingCentral and Talkroute.

Nextiva is one of the top options in this industry for a reason, as they have unlimited minutes on every service plan, and they also receive excellent customer feedback.

However, depending on your personal priorities, Nextiva may not be the ideal choice for your business. Keeping this in mind, let’s take a look at these competing companies to see if one of them might fit your company better.

1. Grasshopper - $24-89/month

Do you operate a business with more than just a few employees? Grasshopper might be the right answer for you. Unlike Nextiva’s per user, per month pricing, Grasshopper’s rates are structured on a flat-rate model. Their Solo ($24/month) package allows for up to 3 users, the Partner ($49) option accommodates 6 users, and Small Business ($89) can handle unlimited users. When Nextiva charges you for each employee you want to have an extension, it’s clear to see how Grasshopper can save you money. Of course, there are also areas in which Nextiva holds the advantage over Grasshopper. Nextiva offers integration with Skype, which is a feature no other business phone service provider offers. Additionally, Nextiva provides custom professional greetings in all but their cheapest service plan, whereas Grasshopper charges $75 to book a recording session.

Grasshopper logo

2. RingCentral - $29.99-69.99/month

RingCentral is an extremely popular choice for business phone service, with over 350,000 clients currently using their platform. Unlike Grasshopper and Nextiva, RingCentral offers packages of limited minutes with all of their service plans — ranging from 100 minutes with their Essentials package, up to 10,000 with the Ultimate plan. With RingCentral, you’ll also have access to several convenient software integrations, including with Microsoft, Google, Dropbox, Salesforce, Zendesk and more. They have agreements with so many popular software products that it’s downright unlikely that your business doesn’t already use at least one of them. One downside of RingCentral is that they have a rather complicated pricing model, and their rates are generally higher than Nextiva.

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3. Talkroute - $19-99/month

Talkroute has only been around since 2013, but they’ve already gained a strong foothold in the business phone service industry. Especially when you consider that their prices — like Grasshopper — operate on a flat-rate system, their $19 entry-level price point is very reasonable. Also, while they only have a few dozen customer reviews, the quality of that feedback is quite high. It’s not all sunshine in Talkroute’s forecast though, as they only provide phone support to their top-of-the-line Pro customers, who pay $59 per month. Users on the Basic ($19) or Plus ($39) packages only receive web-based customer support. Aside from that detail, Talkroute is a great option for those of you seeking business phone service from a smaller company with a more personal touch.

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Ready To Get Started?

Any of these 4 companies can provide you with reliable, consistent business phone service. They can also all save you quite a bit of money as opposed to acquiring legacy telephone service from a traditional phone company, and they’re also more convenient and flexible. Whether you choose Nextiva, Grasshopper, RingCentral, Talkroute or another service provider, I’m quite confident that you’ll be happy with your decision. I would personally have no problem recommending any of these companies. As for my personal favorite, I prefer Nextiva if you only have 1-2 employees who need phone lines. Their customer reviews are really strong, and I’m a big fan of their unlimited minutes plans. If you run a larger company, I would recommend Grasshopper due to their flat-rate pricing. To read more about any of these 4 service providers, make sure to check out our full reviews of each company.