Zip Run Raises $2.3 Million for Boston-Based Cannabis Delivery Service

By Thomas Price Saturday, April 17, 2021

With cannabis being legalized for medical and recreational use within each individual state across the United States (US), new startups and businesses are beginning to surround the industry. Zip Run is a startup based in Boston that has created a cannabis delivery service set to launch all across Massachusetts. The startup recently raised seed funding in order to help with the launch of the service and become the first company to do so in the state. The startup also places a heavy focus on promoting social equity in the cannabis business.

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How Zip Run Works and Social Equity Promotion

Following the legalization of medical and recreational cannabis use in Massachusetts, the rollout of in-person dispensaries moved at an incredibly slow rate. Zip Run is looking to solve the issue of having to purchase cannabis at a dispensary through the ecommerce platform the startup has created. While the company does not have its own brands of marijuana, Zip Run partners with cannabis retail business owners who are looking to expand the reach of their own products.

After a customer orders a product from the company website, a driver is then alerted and will deliver the order directly to the customer’s door. The delivery system will work in a very similar manner to ongoing food delivery platforms such as Grubhub or Uber Eats, employing a large number of independent drivers who work on their own schedule and accept as many orders as they please.

The startup also has a marijuana courier and marijuana delivery operator license, currently only available in Massachusetts to a social equity company through the state social equity program.

Zip Run has also already created a business partnership with Berkshire Roots, the first company to partner with Zip Run thus far.

Zip Run Funding and Future Plans

In the seed funding round for the business, the company raised $2.3 million. The funding round was led by Mollitam Capital, a cannabis private equity fund founded by industry veterans. The seed funding will go toward the upcoming launch of the pickup and delivery service for the startup. While Zip Run will initially launch in Boston, the company will expand operations into 32 nearby cities. The initial launch in Boston will take place in late April, with a larger rollout to other cities in 2021.

Zip Run will enter a quickly growing cannabis industry. The US legal cannabis market is currently worth over $24.6 billion, with major growth expected in the future. In fact, the compound annual growth rate over the next seven years will be a whopping 14.3%.

When commenting on the recent seed funding round for the business, co-founder and CEO of Zip Run, Gabe Viera, said, “This raise accelerates the product development of our consumer-friendly e-commerce platform and advances our mission of helping social equity companies gain ownership in the cannabis industry. Mollitiam Capital has deep experience in cannabis delivery and saw the value in our team, proprietary software, and first to market community leadership. They also share our commitment to supporting communities in Massachusetts and beyond who have been disproportionately affected by marijuana prohibition and enforcement.”

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