Yellow Class Nabs Solid Funding as COVID-19 Engages Growth

By Thomas Price Wednesday, December 9, 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic has obviously forced many major facets of life to be severely readjusted. In particular, many different students across the United States and the world have had to learn and attend school remotely. While remote learning may be a solid alternative to actual school classes, what unfortunately cannot be replicated is the extracurricular enrichment and other activities that students may be exposed to outside of actual classes that have suffered in response. Startup Yellow Class has aimed to curb that gap as best as possible through a series of means that help encourage kids and students to develop interests and hobbies that come from outside of the classroom. This goal has become exceedingly timely and has attracted investors in the process. So, how does Yellow Class work, what kind of numbers have they garnered, and what are their plans with the funding they raised?

What Is Yellow Class?

Yellow Class is a startup that has created an educational platform for kids that exposes them to different activities and hobbies that are not necessarily under the realm of academics.

The Yellow Class platform has over 50 different programs and more than 40 mentors covering topics such as literature, performing arts, and visual art. They offer more obscure categories such as Brainiac, which has sudoku and chess, and Mind, Body, and Spirit, which has activities such as yoga and personality development. Another major feature of Yellow Class is the regular feedback provided by instructors, including a legitimate assessment of skill and progress for the kids. These assessments are then used to help promote the kids to different levels within each category so they can constantly be challenged and pushed to stretch their talent and expand their passions.

Yellow Class was founded in early 2020 by Arpit Mittal and Anshul Gupta and the programs are delivered to kids through simulated live hobby classes. As it currently stands, Yellow Class has users in 52 different countries, with the majority of them hailing from the Middle East and India. This solid expansion has netted the startup over 200,000 kids using the platform in less than a year, showing the serious growth potential of Yellow Class even without a strong funding base. However, given the new infusion of funding, Yellow Class has ambitious goals for future growth that could very well happen given their current trajectory.

Yellow Class Funding and Plans for the Future

In what is being deemed a pre-Series A funding round, Yellow Class has raised a respectable $1.3 million. The funding round was led by India Quotient with participation from founders from startups such as Snapdeal, Indifi, Oyo, Bounce, Xiaomi, PropTiger, Knowlarity, and FirstCheque.

Yellow Class plans to use this funding to reach lofty goals in the near future. This includes plans to have over 2 million members enrolled with Yellow Class programs by 2021. Additionally, the company plans to achieve this by investing their new funding heavily in technology and products that will help to provide tools for growth and improve current programs and classes for children. Beyond this, is the larger goal to expand Yellow Class within India. Over the next six months, Yellow Class plans to grow by making their classes available throughout tier II and tier III cities in India. This requires the startup to continue operations through multiple time zones, which, along with adding more activities and categories and expanding staff, will be a major priority. Considering the relatively young stage of the startup, how quickly it has already expanded its user base, and the new addition of actual funding, there seems to be a solid path forward for Yellow Class that leads to profit and prosperity.

Final Conclusions

Yellow Class has struck at a particularly potent time in the world. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many kids have lost out of the many different opportunities to discover new hobbies and interests due to the lack of both in-person schooling and available extracurricular activities given the many closures. Yellow Class is the best possible alternative at the moment. With a wide variety of activities ranging from yoga to music, the startup has very easily garnered a major following for possibly years to come, even when the world begins to open up again.

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