Xpertdoc Technologies, Document Management Startup, Acquired by Experlogix

By Bruce Harpham Saturday, January 23, 2021

Experlogix, a configure price quote (CPQ) software company, has acquired Xpertdoc Technologies. The transaction comes less than three years after Xpertdoc acquired XperiDo, a German software company, in February 2018. Founded in 2002, Experlogix's customers include Hitachi, Nikon, Lexmark, ThermoFisher Scientific, and Toyota,

Known for its document management solution, Xpertdoc is a startup company that integrates with other popular tools like SugarCRM, Salesforce, and Microsoft Dynamics 365. For business owners, Xpertdoc improves productivity by ensuring that documents are signed and managed quickly. The financial terms of the acquisition transaction have not been disclosed publicly. As of January 21, Xpertdoc has 43 employees, according to LinkedIn.

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Xpertdoc Has Multiple Banking and Insurance Customers

For a startup business, acquiring brand name customers is vital to boost credibility in the market. Xpertdoc's customer list includes BNP Paribas (a French bank with a stock price of $27.10 per share as of January 20), Standard & Poor's, or S&P, (a capital markets company with a stock price of $321 share price as of January 20), the Hanover Insurance Group, Metro Bank, and Merchants Insurance Group.

The Startup Relies On Partners For Business Growth

Like other B2B technology companies such as Microsoft and HubSpot, Xpertdoc has a partner program. In the United States (US), the startup company's partners mostly focus on implementing its technology with Microsoft Dynamics 265. Xpertdoc's US partners include Highland Solutions, Softure, Technology Advisors, and Turnkey Solutions. The startup company also has partners focused on Salesforce, such as Brainsell Technologies and DemandBlue.

Xpertdoc Offers Services And Software

Xpertdoc's strategy to help companies includes professional services along with business software. The company's services unit offers consulting, implementation, initial setup, form design, and template design. Also, Expertdoc provides out of business hours support to make sure business owners can always manage their documents effectively.

Once the software is correctly set up, companies can automate various workflows and document processes with Xpertdocs. Specifically, the startup company helps businesses by generating documents like proposals, quotes, contracts, invoices, accounting reports, leases, and insurance documents.

Canadian Firms Funded Xpertdoc

Prior to the acquisition, Xpertdoc Technologies had received $2.3 million CAD ($1.8 million USD) in funding from two investors. The Investors in the document management startup company include Desjardins Venture Capital and BDC Venture Capital. Furthermore, Desjardins Venture Capital is the venture capital unit of Quebec-based Desjardins, a financial cooperative in Canada with 7 million members and $313 billion CAD ($247 billion USD) in assets. BDC Venture Capital is a division of Canada's Business Development Bank, which has committed funds to 62,000 entrepreneurs.

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