The World of WordPress: Best Designs and Plugins

By Adriaan Brits Sunday, August 9, 2020

WordPress is one of the largest platforms available for web designing and content creation. With a gallery of existing themes that new users can choose from - most of them free - the platform is easily accessible by individuals and small businesses alike. This ease of use can make less tech-savvy users feel comfortable as they begin their new website.

While WordPress has similar competitors, it still maintains a high user and visitor count. WordPress also offers great incentives to users, including WordAds, Referrals, and advertisement space on user websites.

It may seem challenging to create a website. However, the process is straightforward with platforms like WordPress. Here are some templates and plugins to use, as well as some blogs to take inspiration from.


WordPress provides over 7,000 themes on their website - most of them for free. Users can filter through themes based on features like layout, editor function, and recommended subject.

Obsidian, one of WordPress’s popular themes, is ideal for musicians and DJs who want users to listen to their music. You can customize the template to have a sitewide player at the bottom of the screen, so when visitors are on the website, the music plays instantly.

You can also find and purchase themes outside of WordPress. For example, Envato Elements offers a range of over 52 million different theme templates that are suitable for any field. They also provide future-proof commercial licenses for each item, and you can play around with the templates that you download.

Breviter Pro is one such template on Envato Elements. With a variety of customization options and a clean design, Breviter Pro’s regular license costs under $50. Breviter Pro has even had a quality check from Envato Elements to ensure that everything works correctly.


If you want to customize your site’s functions, performance, and appearance, you’ll need to use plugins. Plugins are independent pieces of code that can be added to your website. There are currently over 54,000 active plugins on WordPress that are developed by developers and WordPress designers globally.

Yoast’s WordPress SEO helps optimize user websites for search engines like Google, and also offers a built-in content analysis function that can help optimize the user’s content. Yoast offers a free plan for users as well as a “premium” plan.

Vaultpress is a premium website backup service that can help your site from crashing by offering daily backups, daily security scans, and other additional support. Users can choose between a “daily backup” plan or a “real-time backup” plan.

For users in search of traffic stats for their website, WassUp provides a dashboard that allows the user to monitor the visitors for the traffic of the website. While WordPress offers its own analytics, WassUp is a great addition to have alongside the WordPress and Google analytic stats.


First-time users on WordPress might find it daunting to come up with ideas and start up a website without any guidance. To get inspired and help your creative flow, here are some blogs worth following:

  • Joyous Jet-setter is a food and travel blog with a clean-cut approach. However, the bold text, images, and article context provide a contrast that is pleasing to the eye. There are two side menus categorized for social media and for navigating around the actual website.
  • Limitless Travelling is a travel blog that provides details about planning a trip to Greece. The body of the blog is simple, but the header is filled with lots of information and navigation tools.
  • The Sartorialist is a fashion-based blog with editorials and photos of everyday people dressing glamorously on the street. The layout is minimal and focuses on the images rather than on words. This can be an inspiring blog to a new user who wants to get involved with fashion or another image-based hobby.

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