Working From Home Could Cause Employee Mental Health Issues

By Adriaan Brits Monday, July 6, 2020

The way the world works has changed over the last few months, and changes in work schedules have had quite an impact on all aspects of our lives. Most significantly, mental well-being has taken a hit: widespread shutdowns have limited mobility, and constant isolation has begun to affect some household relationships.

With the world in shutdown and the business sector working remotely, the lines between people’s personal and professional lives are taking a hit.

Is Working From Home Good or Bad for Your Health?

Now that most people are working from their homes, the question should be raised whether working from home is good or bad for both physical and mental health. Many workers are having a hard time adjusting to having to work from all the time.

Are there any simple methods that we can adopt to make our home environment better for work? Furniture maker Herman Miller recently released a self-assessment test that can help people find an answer.

Using this tool, you or your employees answer questions regarding how you work at home. Once you are done, you get a score at the end and some recommendations to help you make your work from home convenient, productive, and efficient.

This test can be divided into three sections:

Your “Work from Home” Environment

The tool asks who you share your office space with, whether you have a window in your office space that allows you to get the natural light, and the noise level of your workspace. This section will help you realize what you lack in the environment you work in and will help you improve it for an overall better work from home experience.

Your Physical Workspace

In this section, the assessment test will ask you questions about your actual physical workspace. It will ask you how you sit and whether the height that your computer’s screen is set at the perfect spot and a lot more. Even if you think that you mastered every area of the ergonomics of a home office, this section will make you realize a lot of things that you are doing wrong in terms of your physical workspace.

Your Work Habits

This section takes into account the issues that you might be facing in terms of efficiency and productivity. It also checks how much you move during a normal workday. The answers you receive from this section can help give you insight into maintaining a perfect balance between your work and home lives when both of them take place in the same space.

Final Thoughts

This self-assessment test only takes around 5 minutes so, it is good to take this test and get insights and recommendations on how you can make your work from home experience significantly better.

The truth of the matter is we have no choice but to adapt and accept our new reality. For example, doing something small like taking short walks and doing some form of gentle exercise or meditation has been proven to have great benefits on the mind.

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