Wonder Raises Funding for New Take on Video Conferencing

By Thomas Price Monday, December 28, 2020

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to affect nearly every single aspect of life, a series of radical adjustments have had to be made in order to maintain safety and reduce risk. One of the earliest of these adjustments was the need for all nonessential work to be done at home. With this being the case, all sorts of different businesses suddenly needed high-quality video conferencing tools to allow for meetings and other necessary communication to happen. As a result, tools like Zoom and Microsoft Teams have filled that void; however, this has obviously not completely replicated the feeling of being in an office or actual workplace setting. Berlin-based startup Wonder has been attempting to create a solution to this through videoconferencing. So, how exactly does Wonder work, what kind of funding has it raised, and what kind of plans does the startup have for the future?

What Is Wonder?

Wonder is a Berlin technology startup that has created a new videoconferencing platform that allows for people to move in and out of different specific video chat groups. While many different video conferencing platforms also have specific video chats broken down into groups, what makes Wonder more unique is the bird’s eye layout, which creates a virtual office of sorts. Users can see where other individuals are chatting and can choose to join in on conversations and meetings specifically pertaining to them or their projects.

Considering how long many companies have been working from home, creating a work environment where employees can interact and move into different groups at their own leisure has become a more desirable trait for these platforms. Wonder wants to create a shared space of sorts, which has generated a significant amount of popularity, even in what many people consider an oversaturated market.

In fact, despite major players such as Zoom, Microsoft, and Google all having their own platforms, Wonder has already amassed 200,000 monthly users, including usages from major companies such as NASA, Deloitte, Harvard, and SAP. Another major point for Wonder is the versatility of the platform they have created, allowing for meetings, career fairs, and team-specific collaboration.

As of right now, Wonder is still free to use, with no plans to monetize the platform until at least mid-2021. Of course, considering this massive popularity so early on in the startup’s lifespan, Wonder amassed a very strong seed funding round.

Wonder’s Seed Funding and Future Plans

In the startup’s seed funding round, Wonder raised an impressive $11 million. The seed funding was led by EQT Ventures, a European venture capital firm with participation also from BlueYard capital, who had previously led the pre-seed funding round.

Wonder’s platform can be used for a greater variety of spaces than simply workforces, even going so far as having the ability to create a virtual music festival. Furthermore, the potential for further expansion is nearly limitless, given their strong seed funding and already bustling user base.

The startup has already made concrete plans that indicate how they will use their funding in the near future. The first goal will be to expand Wonder’s current workforce to enable a larger team of people to develop the platform further. Once this is achieved, Wonder plans to slowly roll out more features and technical services, most notably, the ability to file share on the platform seamlessly. Wonder has created a product very different from many other video conferencing platforms, and as a result, investors and users have noticed. With more capabilities and a simulated office space of sorts, Wonder could quite easily continue to explode in popularity as the startup garners more attention.

Final Conclusions

Wonder is creating a more social and diverse platform for video chats and meetings. Considering the immense amount of time people have been working from home, for many this is a breath of fresh air. By creating the virtual office space where members can move in and out of different spaces, businesses can create a more efficient team or department-specific collaboration while also creating a more social space for coworkers. The startup’s innovative approach, along with the many other useful tools and applications Wonder is capable of, will certainly lead to continued success even as more businesses start working in person once again.

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