Wize, an EdTech Startup, Has Raised $3 Million in Funding

By Elijah Labby Thursday, February 11, 2021

The coronavirus has shown how important it is for students to be able to learn their materials from home, and an education technology (EdTech) startup called Wize has just earned $3 million in funding to help them do so.

The young EdTech startup company already provides online learning materials for students across a variety of grade levels, including high school, college, and university students.

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The Future for EdTech Startup Wize

Now, with the new startup funding for their business, the company will turn its attention toward increasing functionality on the website, business expansion, and working to increase the amount of study materials the EdTech startup offers.

"The Wize platform already has a track record of success in developing and delivering superior course-tailored content, having helped over 70,000 students across North America with thousands of courses available on-demand," said Cyrus Moradian, CEO and co-founder of Wize. "We expect this momentum to accelerate as we continue our relentless focus on expanding our offering in a way that works best for students and parents."

Moradian says the true differentiating factor between his EdTech startup and that of a different business is the level of personal attention each company consumer gets when visiting the website.

"What truly sets Wize apart is our commitment to working with educators who are highly skilled and passionate about simplifying complex concepts on a platform that allows for complete personalization based on courses taught at a student's academic institution,” he said in a statement. “This focus on personalization in everything we do is what will allow Wize to become a first-choice provider among students and parents at high school and post-secondary institutions and is what will propel us to become a formidable leader in online learning."

The Timing of Wize’s Startup Funding — and the Future of EdTech Business

Moradian’s EdTech business is in the right place at the right time. The pandemic has pushed virtually every American student into online classes and exposed inequalities along demographic lines for access to technologies like that of the Wize EdTech company that could help students perform better in their classes.

So not only is the EdTech company gaining credibility through this recent startup business, but it is also aiming at providing a valuable service to those who need it most.

Not to mention that this is all coming at a great time for the company, financially speaking. The market for EdTech business is growing rapidly — at a compounded annual rate of over 18%, to be exact. By being a company in the market at this time, Wize is exposing its business to a market worth nearly $80 million.

This recent startup business funding will help the young company substantially in making waves in the EdTech industry — and help potentially millions of young learners do their best as well.

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