Global Drive By Wire Market Set to See Growth as World Moves Away from Traditional Control Systems

By Thomas Price Wednesday, January 27, 2021

With so much of modern technology pushing toward newer methods of movement. especially in the automotive industry, the traditional mechanical control systems are falling away from widespread use. In place of traditional mechanical control systems is drive by wire technology. Instead of using mechanical controls, drive by wire technology uses electrical control systems which inherently replace pedals and steering wheels with emulators of those devices. This can lighten the weight of the vehicle, make it easier to service and tune, and even allow for a more precise control of the car. As a result of this improved technology and a variety of other reasons, the global drive by wire market is growing significantly. But where does the market currently stand, what are the growth factors, and what can be expected of it in the next few years?

Global Drive By Wire Market Today

In 2020, the global drive by wire market was worth an estimated $24 billion. The main reasons that this market is expected to grow come actually from certain government mandates. In regard to emission standards, many global governments have been putting harsher standards on vehicle emissions and forcing lower weights on vehicles as a means of making them more efficient. On top of this is the growing demand for premium cars which nearly all utilize drive by wire technology.

One of the largest areas of growth for the market is the parking pawl which is installed on automatic transmissions as a way to reduce traction energy losses and increase traction control. Especially as automatic transmissions become more widely accepted around the globe and in particular North America, the use of parking pawls will grow massively. Another expected abundant area of growth lies in agricultural tractors. As the tractor industry continues to innovate, one of the largest transitions has been moving away from mechanical systems toward drive by wire technology.

The COVID-19 pandemic had a negative impact on the global drive by wire market in 2020, with significant disruption to supply chains all over the world for over half of the year. This has caused vehicle manufacturing to be halted or slowed in many places across the world, and more so than that, due to the pandemic’s economic downturn, vehicle sales have also plummeted regardless of the lack of manufacturing. With the drive by wire market so intertwined with vehicle sales, everything is dependent on seeing the economy recover.

Expectations for Global Drive By Wire Market in the Future

The global drive by wire market is expected to be worth $31.9 billion by the year 2025. This will be achieved by a compound annual growth rate of 5.9%. The Asia-Pacific region is expected to be the largest point of growth for the market as the population continues to have a growing demand for more advanced mid-size and economy vehicles. Another major factor for this comes with many countries in the region enacting similar emissions standards as much of North American and Europe.

The global drive by wire market is the future of the technological automotive world. This becomes even more apparent as cars become more lightweight, more fuel efficient, and more integrated with technology. As this trend continues, drive by wire will in turn also eventually replace traditional mechanical control systems.

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