Wingcopter Announces New Partnership to Support Local Drone Delivery Projects

By Jemima McEvoy Thursday, February 18, 2021

Less than a month after closing a successful fundraising round, drone technology startup Wingcopter has announced an exciting new partnership to help communities around the world. The German company — which develops drones for both commercial and humanitarian applications — said Wednesday that it would work with Flying Labs Network to support locally-led drone delivery projects geared toward social change.

Wingcopter Co-founders Tom Plümmer, Jonathan Hesselbarth, and Ansgar Kadura with a Wingcopter drone.

About Wingcopter

Wingcopter is a relatively new startup, founded in 2017 by entrepreneurs Jonathan Hesselbarth, Tom Plümmer, and Ansgar Kadura. Together, the entrepreneurs wanted to make a startup that would seize the immense power of drone technology to improve and save lives. Since its inception, the technology company has developed partnerships with humanitarian organizations to develop critical supplies, as well as commercial businesses. The startup was named a Technology Pioneer by the World Economic Forum in 2020 due to its significant social impact.

Part of a massively lucrative market, the startup has disclosed $22 million in fundraising to date as part of a Series A fundraising round for the business closed in January of this year. This round of fundraising for the company was led by Silicon Valley-based Xplorer Capital and German Futury Regio Growth Fund.

A Partnership for Good

With the startup’s financial momentum and long-time mission in mind, the Wingcopter and Flying Labs Network partnership comes as no surprise. The Flying Labs Network facilitates a network of “local knowledge hubs” in Africa, Asia, and Latin America aimed at harnessing the power of drones, data and AI to “accelerate the positive impact of local aid, health, development, and environmental solutions locally,” as explained by its website.

By partnering with this network, which is run by the NGO WeRobotics, Wingcopter will use the tools of its business to help improve supply chains through locally-led cargo drone projects. The startup company will also help teach locals how to use beyond visual line of sight drones, which have broad humanitarian applications. The drones made by the company will be made available for purchase at a discounted price, said the business.

“The partnership with the Flying Labs Network fits perfectly in our vision to create efficiency and sustainable drone solutions to improve and save lives everywhere,” said Andi Fisanich, Wingcopter’s Head of Humanitarian Programs, in a statement to Startup Savant. “Together, we can establish a drone service for developing countries that allows its citizens to take the lead in building out this new industry and directly benefit from it.”

Final Takeaways

Wingcopter is a good example of a business that lives by its values. The company has labeled social good as a motivating force for its business, and is not only talking the talk with partnerships like this one with the Flying Labs Network. The business is already working to implement a drone delivery network in Malawi to strengthen local healthcare supply chains, and has worked to prepare for the safe and efficient on-demand delivery of COVID-19 vaccines in other parts of the world. This is a business worth keeping an eye on.

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