Wellory Raises Funding for Nutrition and Wellness App

By Thomas Price Monday, December 21, 2020

With issues such as obesity and diabetes becoming larger problems globally and especially in American society, the health and wellness community has constantly been working to create systems that help promote better eating and make it easier for the user to stick to that lifestyle. However, that has proven to be very difficult, given how often people cannot maintain a certain diet or change in nutrition for a sustained period of time. Nutrition and wellness startup, Wellory, has set out to change that by taking a new approach that is more accessible to people than diets or methods of the past. So, how does Wellory actually work, what does it cost, and how much money did they raise?

What Is Wellory?

Wellory is a nutrition-based startup that has developed and launched an app meant to help users create and, more importantly, maintain healthier lifestyles. This is accomplished through a very personalized and specific experience tailored to each individual user.

Basically, how this plays out is that Wellory users are matched with a nutritionist, dietitian, or health coach who will personally help them develop meal plans and create long-term structural changes to lead to larger health goals. These experts, of which there are over 650 available on Wellory, are matched with users based on the specific desires that the user has. If a user was looking to lose weight after an injury, they would be matched with an expert who has experience or specialized education in that field.

One of the hallmark features of the app is the ability to share photos of meals and log health data, which helps the aforementioned nutritionist to continually make adjustments to the advice, plans, and health infrastructure they have provided the user with.

Wellory launched their app in September of this year; however, according to founder and CEO of the startup, Emily Hochman, the Wellory app has had a series of beta testers using the app and service for up to 11 months already. The Wellory app is currently available on both iOS and Android, though to use the app, there is a fairly steep price. In order to utilize the specialized service that Wellory offers, a user will be paying $59.99 a month. While this may be pushing the startup’s product outside of the budget for many prospective customers, there are plans in the works to create multiple price tiers with different levels of service offered to make Wellory more accessible. This follows the startup’s plans to grow its user base and overall company, which will certainly be helped by the latest round of funding from investors.

Wellory’s Latest Funding and Future Plans

This December, Wellory announced that it had raised a collective total of $4.2 million over the course of its funding rounds. The most recent round was led by Story Ventures with participation from Harlem Capital, Ground Up Ventures, Tinder co-founders, Sean Rad and Justin Mateen, Wayne Ellington, Hannah Bronfman, and a series of executives from Google, Amazon, Glossier, and other large companies.

Wellory’s new funding will help fuel the company’s plans for expansion as the startup plans to use this newly acquired capital to hire a larger team of employees, further develop created technologies, and bolster the app’s current marketing. These decisions will hopefully drive up the current user base numbers while also preparing the startup’s current technological infrastructure for this uptick in growth. Wellory’s subscription-based service should also provide more long term revenue, helping the company to maintain these efforts even after the initial funding capital has been spent.

Final Conclusions

Wellory is working with their users to rid them of diets which cannot be sustained or which only result in flash results before returning to normalcy. By providing experts in the nutrition and wellness field to each individual user, the app can give the most personalized approach to sustained lifestyle changes that can be offered without visiting a nutritionist in person. While the subscription may be expensive, there is a clear path to continual growth from Wellory, and the recent funding announcement makes it known that many investors believe that to be the case as well.

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