Ware Secures Funding as It Tries to Revolutionize the Warehouse

By Thomas Price Tuesday, November 17, 2020

The world is still facing many of the long term consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic. Of the many things that have changed, one of them is our buying habits. With limited physical stores to shop for retail items due to regional shutdowns for safety reasons, more and more people have turned to digital shopping, leading to a major rise in ecommerce as a whole. As many companies have been struggling to adjust their own businesses to meet the demands of the online world, more solutions have emerged. This is precisely what Ware is all about. Their new technologies and a quality boost of funding have set Ware to change supply warehouses forever. What exactly does Ware do, what kind of funding have they received, and what can be expected from them in the future?

What is Ware?

Ware is a technology startup headquartered in San Francisco with a goal of changing the warehouse industry with artificial intelligence (AI)-backed drone technology. The basic premise of their offered services to a business is using these drones to log information and inventory to create a more efficient warehouse. Ware achieves this task through three basic steps once their services are deployed. The drones will lift off from nests in the warehouse, which will act as chargers for their batteries and portals of information as well. This will be on a designated schedule decided by the warehouse. Once flying, the drones will begin collecting images of the warehouse, taking note of pallet locations, scanning and storing barcode data, and taking in any and all other warehouse and inventory information it can store. After finishing the predetermined flight pattern around the warehouse, the drones will return to their nests to charge for their next flight and upload all the information and data they have just gathered to Ware’s cloud where it is collected.

After this, Ware’s software processes the data, at which point it breaks it down into essential reports that will then be provided to the inventory control teams who work at the warehouse to utilize. The dashboard display for the software provided to the warehouses will include an AI-assisted visual log that uses this technology to create an entire inventory list for the user. What makes Ware particularly unique, however, is that their services could improve drastically over time. As the company partners with more businesses and logs more information into their cloud, Ware will achieve a critical mass of data that can optimize a series of different tasks for their partners. Some of these improvements include workflow customization, automated reordering of different materials if they run low, assign cost centers, and provide more supply chain processes with a stronger and more reliable workflow. Essentially, Ware’s own technology will continually get better over time as they expand, which has led to some key investors to take an interest.

Ware’s Solid Funding Round

As Ware’s technology continues to grow, many investors have stepped up during the company’s seed-funding round. In fact, once the round closed, Ware had raised an impressive $2.5 million from a series of investors. The funding round was led by UP Partners with other investors, including Bloomberg Beta, 2048 Ventures, and Tom Mclnerney, who was notably the angel investor for Uber. These investors have been bolstered not simply by Ware’s technology but many of the factors of the industry they are involved in.

Especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, where consumer demand for products that can be bought online has seen incredible growth, optimizing supply chains and building a more efficient warehouse without drastically increasing costs is a valuable commodity. This is also paired with the fact that the warehouse industry is worth an astounding $1.9 trillion.

Final Conclusions

Ware is bringing new technologies to an industry built on creating a more efficient workplace. As consumer demand increases, warehouses must rise to the challenge using every tool they have available. Ware could be an extremely powerful tool. With a business that will get better as they take in more data, Ware has tremendous potential to completely revolutionize how warehouses currently operate by infusing new technologies into it, and the $2.5 million of seed money from investors suggests that they do as well.

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