Voxie Raises Funding as Startup Advances Text Marketing Services

By Thomas Price Tuesday, January 12, 2021

Many companies have been looking into more creative ways to cultivate engagement with consumers during the COVID-19 pandemic. As traditionally effective practices have become less successful, companies and businesses have had to adapt and implement new marketing and advertising strategies. One emerging business trend has been sending email and text messaging ads. Voxie, a text message marketing startup, has recently seen some incredible results, achieving extensive funding in their Series A round.

Voxie’s Work and Recent Funding Round

Based in Atlanta, Georgia, the startup provides a text message marketing service that is slightly different than many others due to a few small but significant features. The first of these is that while around 80% to 90% of the message content is automated, a portion of every message is personalized, which helps boost engagement with consumers.

Another major feature is that Voxie allows for different businesses to use a traditional ten-digit number instead of the five-digit number that most marketing services use. This allows the company to create a more inviting environment for a response, as well.

Voxie was initially created for large enterprise companies; however, as the pandemic has continued on, a wider variety of businesses have begun utilizing the startup’s services. More so than this, Voxie is proving itself to be extremely effective as well. In fact, the startup boasts a 98% open rate, ten times higher engagement, and a 30% click-through rate. The company is also currently used by several high-profile companies, including LG, Danone, Massage Heights, and Buff City Soap.

This success has brought a lot of attention to the startup from a variety of investors. In Voxie’s Series A funding round, the startup raised $6.7 million. The funding round was led by Noro-Moseley Partners with participation from Circadian Ventures and Engage Ventures, along with individual investors from the Atlanta area like Wain Kellum, Andy Powell, David Cummings, and Fred Castellucci. The startup plans to use this funding to develop new features into their services, such as “reply to buy,” which would allow customers to purchase items by simply responding to the startup's text messages.

Final Conclusions

Text message marketing is quickly becoming one of the most effective methods when marketing directly to consumers, and the innovations and features that Voxie has added to the mix are pushing their increasing popularity even further. The recent funding that the startup has raised will continue to move text message marketing forward. Given the effectiveness Voxie’s business has experienced and the amount of money they have been able to secure, the company is likely to see growing success in the future.

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