Virtuix Raises $11 Million in Crowdfunding Campaign for ‘Omni One’ Treadmill as Company Looks to Change VR Gaming

By Thomas Price Wednesday, March 3, 2021

Virtual reality gaming has become one of the most popular rising industries within the video game business. With new technologies constantly being developed in order to create a more immersive experience, video game tech company Virtuix has been at the cutting edge. The company is best known for its Omni devices, which are omnidirectional treadmills that allow users to move around in a VR game to further add to the experience. The business recently launched a crowdfunding campaign for its newest product, the Omni One.

A woman using a VR headset for exercise.

Virtuix Products and Ongoing Success

Virtuix is a video game tech company based in Austin that is most well-known for its line of Omni products. The omnidirectional treadmills developed by the business pair to VR headsets and create a fully immersive gaming experience for users, allowing them to move their characters in real time across different landscapes. The company has already developed and launched two major products: the Omni Pro and the Omni Area.

The Omni Pro is the commercial version of the treadmill, while the Omni Arena is simply the multiplayer version built for entertainment venues consisting of four different Omni Pros that connect to each other and work together. The company has already seen incredible success from these flagship products, shipping over 4,000 Omni Pro units to over 500 different venues spread across 45 different countries. These transactions roughly translate to about $10 million in business sales, bolstering the popularity and sustainability of the company.

Virtuix has been successful in their previous funding efforts as well, raising over $30 million for the company from individual and institutional investors such as Mark Cuban among many others. The company recently launched a crowdfunding campaign in order to support their newest business venture, the Omni One, which Startup Savant reported in October 2020 would be released in 2021.

Omni One Crowdfunding Campaign

The Omni One is the newest product from Virtuix and will essentially be an in-home consumer version of the Omni Pro built for the individual gamer. Upon its launch later in 2021, the Omni One will have 30 different titles available for purchase, including VR versions of licensed video games along with original first-person shooter and battle royale games.

In order to support the launch, the business created a crowdfunding campaign ending on April 2nd that would allow for individual investors to take stock in the company and receive a 20% discount on the Omni One. The goal from the campaign was for the business to raise $15 million by the deadline, and despite being a month away from that date, over $11 million have already been invested.

When commenting on this success, founder and CEO of the business, Jan Goetgeluk said, “Given that many of our new investors are also eager customers who plan to buy Omni One for their homes, our success on SeedInvest signals strong market demand for Omni One."

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