Virtualized Hybrid Clouds Are Still Far Out

By TRUiC Team | Monday, 16 May 2011 | Business

The architectural concept of virtualized hybrid cloud architecture is compelling. It demands a set of virtualized servers within the data center to move virtual machines between public cloud providers to the data center dynamically.

Establishing balance between the private and public clouds at the VM level, moving virtual machines between on-premise and public cloud servers, running them where they will be most effective and efficient is considered as the most compelling part. An auto-balancing mechanism can be an option to utilize. Dynamic management that allows a system to pick the location of the VMs based on cost and SLA information can also be considered.

This value could even be counterproductive to those with existing virtualization technology. Cloud vendors need a mechanism that allows virtual machines to be executed outside of their technology to make a virtualized private cloud a possibility. Public clouds would provide the most cost-effective solution for these VMs and would offer customers a quick migration path in support for the virtual hybrid cloud.

Cloud vendors will be seen moving towards their interest and keeping with the core purpose of selling virtualization technology. The way how public cloud providers roll out this technology is an exciting point to observe. In this context, the public cloud option would be less viable. Public cloud providers will be charged with fees and in return, these providers will charge cloud users.

Enterprises will be more interested in leveraging the technology through a VM-level dynamic migration between private and public clouds. Many barriers around cloud computing such as lock-in, security, governance, cost, and performance can successfully be eliminated by providing dynamic mechanism to move virtual machines around public and private servers.

Currently, there are no encouraging incentives for virtualization vendors to move towards the virtualized hybrid cloud directions. Some revolutionary solutions are emerging in this aspect; however, it’s going to be a while before it can be a usable option.

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