Robotics Startup Company ViaBot Launches With $6.1 Million in Funding for Outdoor Maintenance

By James White Saturday, May 15, 2021

Advancements in automation and robotics have enabled numerous industries to reimagine the way they conduct business. Autonomous software enables Tesla to implement self-driving features in the fleet of electric vehicles developed by the company, while the food delivery industry aspires to have autonomous drones drop orders off at customers’ homes. Recently, robotics startup company ViaBot publicly launched with $6.1 million from investors to support its outdoor maintenance robot business.

"We're excited to announce our public launch to scale our Robots-as-a-Service for property management," said Gregg Ratanaphanyarat, CEO and co-founder of the robotics startup business. "We founded ViaBot with a mission to address the dirty, dull and dangerous jobs of outdoor work, and we're thrilled that our multifunctional robots are offering better solutions to the challenges facing property managers today."

Funding for the startup company was raised over the course of two pre-seed rounds and one seed round. A $500,000 pre-seed for ViaBot took place in 2017 and was led by global venture capital firm SOSV. The startup robotics business secured $1.6 million in new capital for the company from a second pre-seed round led by Grit Ventures in 2019.

ViaBot also received an additional $4 million from investors in a recent seed round for the robotics startup company. Seed funding for the business was led by Baseline Ventures and supported by existing investors SOSV, Grit Ventures, and Morado Ventures. Alongside the public launch of the company, ViaBot also announced a strategic partnership with commercial real estate firm Cushman & Wakefield, which will utilize its robots for maintenance in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Floor sweeping machine.

Automating Outdoor Maintenance

Founded by Ratanaphanyarat and entrepreneur Dawei Ding in 2015, ViaBot aims to provide automated maintenance solutions to large properties. Robots built by the robotics startup company are designed to replace the need for a sweeping truck service.

The San Francisco-headquartered startup allows users to deploy their RUNO robot to sweep large properties like parking lots. RUNO automatically deposits waste and debris after sweeping and can be programmed to sweep specific locations at a predetermined time. ViaBot used a modular design for its robots, so swapping the batteries is simple and quick. Additionally, ViaBot is currently beta testing soft security features to expand the number of tasks and functions its product can perform.

"ViaBot has taken one of the least sexy industries in the world and brought it right into the future; facility management needed a reason to adopt technology and ViaBot was the solution that finally broke through the noise," said Kelly Coyne, a founding partner at Grit Ventures. "ViaBot is already working with many of the largest real estate companies in the United States.”

Tapping into the Service Robotics Industry

Robots are working their way into many service industries, from last-mile delivery to property maintenance. Market research projects the global service robotics market to reach over $102 billion by 2025 at a CAGR of 22.6%. While ViaBot is currently focusing on soft security and sweeping solutions, the startup has the opportunity to expand its product into a wide variety of outdoor maintenance functions.

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