VentureRock Launches $300 Million Venture Fund to Invest in Early-Stage Startups in Multiple Fields

By Thomas Price | Friday, 23 April 2021 | Business, Startup, Finance

The need for more funding and support for startup companies all over the globe is a near constant demand now. Especially considering the amount of startup companies that have been launched within the last few years, the need for a company with strong venture capital funding goals continues to grow. Investment company VentureRock is looking to be a major player in the business of startup growth. The company recently launched a new $300 million venture fund to help support several different startup companies across a diverse field of business types.

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VentureRock Investment Philosophy and Current Portfolio

Founded in 2018 in Amsterdam, VentureRock has quickly become a major force in the investing business world. Since then, the company has moved its main operations to Dubai with two parallel sites in Amsterdam and Singapore. While still relatively new to the world of venture capital investing, the company has already seen strong success in the business as its portfolio continues to rapidly grow.

In fact, VentureRock already has nine different startup companies under its portfolio that have seen early success. These startup companies include fintech startup We.Vestr, compliance startup Compleye, business tech startup Equilibrium, and fintech startup Trimix. The success of the company so far has been attributed to 2 different factors: the seed to scale plan and the Special Purposes Investment Company (SPIC) structure.

The SPIC structure allows for VentureRock to implement specific legal and operational processes which can safeguard the growth of a startup that has been invested in. VentureRock also has a 72-step process for investing and supporting a startup from seed round funding to its scalable growth.

When commenting on company investment, General Partner at VentureRock Xander van der Heijden said, “In the past 12 months, we've successfully launched 10 companies within SPIC I, which is focused on changing the way we finance, invest and exchange value. This portfolio has been designed for revolutionary impact – to build a global financial infrastructure that embeds trust and payments at a protocol level.”

New Fund from VentureRock

With support from Private Investment Group, VentureRock launched the so-called “Fund-of-Funds” — worth $300 million. The company plans to invest this fund into a variety of startup companies across multiple business types such as retail, real estate, logistics, fintech, and agriculture. VentureRock will invest primarily in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) as the company looks to become a major force within the region. The company will also launch a new business hub that will help startup companies in its portfolio to expand operations in the Middle East.

When commenting on the newest venture fund, founder and CEO of The Private Investment Group, Alastair Lidel, said, “What VentureRock has built is the next generation of ecosystems. A system that allows the incredible depth of knowledge they have to be coupled with some of the most innovative minds in the world. Working in partnership with Xander and the VentureRock team has always been exciting and a privilege and we are delighted to have supported them in this venture and look forward to continuing this impressive journey.”

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