Veggie Grill Expands Plant-Based Food Chain as Company Launches New Burger Joint

By Thomas Price Wednesday, March 10, 2021

As efforts to eat and consume more sustainably begin to snowball, plant-based meat substitutes have become incredibly popular. Several companies have created their own version for personal consumption, and now, many businesses are creating plant-based meat for their restaurants as well. Restaurant company Veggie Grill has been the largest chain to do so for years, leading now to the business opening up a new plant-based burger joint outside of the Veggie Grill name. Stand-Up Burgers is the newest business venture for the veggie burger company as they look to tap into the widespread enthusiasm growing among consumers.

A burger from Stand-Up Burgers.

Veggie Grill’s New Burger Project

With enthusiasm growing for plant-based meat products, Veggie Grill is uniquely positioned to succeed as the largest plant-based restaurant group in the United States (US). Founded in 2006, the company quickly grew in popularity, with the business now boasting an impressive 29 different locations spread across the country. The success that the company has seen has more recently led to new business ventures not directly connected to the Veggie Grill name.

This popular product eventually led to the launch and recent opening of Stand-Up Burgers. Stand-Up Burgers is a more traditional style of a burger joint, offering a more indulgent, greasy spoon menu while still maintaining a 100% plant-based product. The new restaurant will offer its own twist on a variety of American classics such as the Freebird plant-based chicken sandwich, the Stand-Up Burger, Save the Animal-Style Fries, the Emerald Chip shake, and a falafel wrap.

Stand-Up Burgers will also focus heavily on activism as well with a portion of proceeds each month being donated to different charities involved in helping local communities, protecting animal life, and healing the planet. For the first two months of business operations, the charities that have been chosen are Berkeley Humane and Support + Feed.

Other Business Ventures and Future Plans From Veggie Grill

Outside of Stand-Up Burgers, the restaurant company has also moved forward on a different plant-based project. The company recently launched a fully digital, delivery-only Mexican restaurant called Más Veggies Taqueria. The recent expansions into new business ventures have come from the major consumer demand for more plant-based products, and Veggie Grill is one of the few companies offering high-quality plant-based food at a level above fast-food.

Following the opening of the newest Stand-Up Burgers, the business plans to open up two more locations of the franchise in Chicago sometime in the late spring.

When commenting on the opening of the first ever Stand-Up Burgers, co-founder of Veggie Grill, T.K. Pillan said, “We are excited to introduce Stand-Up Burgers to the Berkeley community – a historically passionate and vocal community – and invite them to stand-up for what they believe in and show love for the planet, animals and themselves. At Veggie Grill we are on a mission to advance plant-based eating nationwide and empower people to eat less meat by providing them with innovative and delicious plant-based experiences.”

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