Unemployment Rate in the US Falls to 13.3% as Businesses Begin Reopening

By Mariliana Fotopoulou Friday, June 19, 2020

Recent reports indicate that many people are still financially devastated and out of work due to the global pandemic. However, data is showing that the unemployment rate has recently declined.

As businesses start to reopen, many successful business owners suggest that knowing who the right person to hire will become a question that will become very prevalent in the coming months. On the other side of the spectrum, individuals seeking work are trying to determine the best interviewing tactics.

The following ideas and approaches are a compilation of advice from hundreds of business leaders. These people have decades of experience in hiring and are experts in the interviewing process.

Follow these points to help find the right employees for your business.

Avoid Common Interview Pitfalls

If you want to hire a more competent person in today’s world, you should avoid standard job interviews. That includes a perfectly designed resume, conference room, and predictable questions. Instead, try adding some informality to your interview scheme.

Consider introducing the following points into your interviewing repertoire:

  • Add small talk with the candidate. Small talk will help you learn more about the candidate and find out more about the candidate's personality and their caliber.
  • Be creative with your questions. Avoid those typical interview questions and find new ways to explore the candidate’s thinking and potentials.
  • Ask challenging questions. Try to ask the candidates the solutions to some problems by giving them a hypothetical situation and assess how they will deal with it.
  • Enlist your current employees for help. You can involve your employees in the interviewing process to make suggestions about candidate choices. Your employees have to work with the newly hired person in a team, and good camaraderie is often overlooked in the workplace.
  • Get the candidate out from behind the desk. Observe how the candidate behaves and interacts with others outside of the interview room. This tactic will give you a better idea of their passing personality.

Take Them for a Tour Outside the Office

Offer the candidate a chance to come to the office and introduce them to your working team. Keep an eye on their behavior while meeting everybody and see their interest in knowing about the working of the office. Their level of curiosity and interest while talking to your team members will give you an idea of their demeanor and enthusiasm for the job.

Patty Stonesifer, who currently Martha's Table in Washington and has previously run the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, says that this is a key test to hire candidates for the job.

Share a Meal

Sharing a meal with someone makes you know a lot about the person. So, take the candidate for a meal and observe their behavior. Is their behavior polite towards others? Are they respecting other people? What is their behavior towards any problem? Are they asking smart questions to keep the conversation flowing?

Carol Smith, the publisher of Harper's Bazaar, says that sharing a meal is a little microcosm of life, as you get an idea of whether the person is going to be the best choice or not to work in a team for you.

Ask Unpredictable Questions

Ask the candidate questions that are not usual and that get them to open up more. Getting into their mind and watching how they act on the spot will help you figure out how they might react to an unpredictable work situation.

Some unexpected questions you could ask include:

  • What is your biggest weakness? A strong candidate will show you the positive side of every weakness and make it count as a good point.
  • What qualities do you like about your parents? The candidate’s response can tell you about the types of behaviors they think are admirable.
  • What misconception do you think people have about you? This question gives the candidate a chance to show how self-aware they are.

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